Friday, December 31, 2010

59 & 60!!

I forgot to count the exchange ornie that I stitched for my partner in my stitching group. It is by LHN, in the JCS Ornament magazine, 2010? (need to double check that)It was for Darlene, who loves Gingerbread Men. This makes 59! And number 60 was another one of the Lizzie Kate Christmas Rules flip its, 'Be Kind & of Good Cheer'. I found it while tidying up for the New Year. I think I have one more started in this series, tho for the life of me, I cannot find it! Anyway, I don't always like using white thread... depends on the project. On this one, I tried and tried to do the snowflakes, but they looked terrible. So, I got these new little buttons which look pretty good... And speaking of the stitching group exchange, I have pictures! First is a picture of the stitched pieces everyone received. Mine is the PURPLE one, for my purple-themed Christmas tree! Jennifer stitched it, and it is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IT! Darlene stitched the penguin and the Teal Ribbon piece for Sheryl. And Sheryl stitched the Menorrah for Jennifer. All in all, the exchange went quite well. Of course, we were ONLY supposed to have a gift for our partners, but... We ALL had gifts for everyone. Sheryl stitched adorable ornaments for each of us... Mine is on the bottom right, in red and white. Darlene gave each of us Gingher scissors and made two scissor fobs for them--one had a mini-sharpie attached... Mine is the one with the pink sharpie--the beads are so gorgeous! Jennifer gave each of us the book from the Attic, 'Recipes for a Cure' which has cross stitch designs in it! I have plans! To stitch and cook! She also stitched each of us a pincushion in a bell jar lid, with each of our initials on it. Of course, mine is the 'M'... I use mine all the time. And I gave each of them a gift: Jennifer got a fuzzy scarf, in purple (you can't really see it in this picture, but it is a nice shade of bright purple). Sheryl got a plaque/picture called "Pray" and Darlene got a Gingerbread Butterfly ornament, her two favorite things! And I gave each of them a package of Strawberries & Cream Dip that I got from Country Creations in Friendsville, MD this past August. I think they liked everything. Well, I am going to finally go stitch. Having had to babysit in the middle of the day threw me off! But I plan to have needle to thread when the New Year comes in! Happy Stitching! Until next year, Hugs.

2011 WIP list

Well, been organizing and getting my WIPS together for 2011. I tried to keep it at 15 but I actually have 16 on my list. I will post it in my sidebar. I am joining the Up for a Challenge group, to stay on task! Should be fun! Pictured here is Willie's Quaker #2, as of last July. I have more done, but no current pics. One more post tonight, hopefully. Hugs.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

One last Family Finish to show!

My older daughter decided to stitch one last design before she left yesterday. I will have to come back with the name of the designer, as I must dash to work, but here it is: She picked the colors--aren't they a refreshing blend? Using bits of DMC... I was going to show her how to stitch on linen but ran out of time. More later! Hugs.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Family's Finishes!

I have had my older daughter here (she would say 'My Favorite Daughter!')with her family, and they have been stitching with me. Mostly my daughter and her 15 year old daughter, but the younger two daughters gave it a try also... but, no finishes and no pictures. What follows are my daughter's finishes first: Used perforated paper, silver side, and bits of DMC threads. Cute, eh? Used perforated paper, cream side, using more bits of DMC threads. Next are my oldest granddaughter's finishes and a WIP: This was a 'learning' piece. She will NEVER outline in pen again! But it is cute anyway!! Done two years ago, finished today. This is 'Walt the Malt' from a JCS Ornament magazine, done last Saturday (18th), finished today. Didn't she do a fantastic job, both stitching and finishing? It looks great! This is a freebie, done on 16 count R&R Irish Creme, and DMC threads. She is moving right along. Started after finishing Walt, and we have been very busy doing 'stuff' too! I know she will finish it soon! That is all for now. Finding more finishes around, so my count will be increasing!! Pics later! Hugs.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last few finishes I forgot to show...

I have begun to tally my finishes for the year, and the answer is 58!! Wow! Here are a few more I forgot about--they were in my 'finishing drawer' --out of sight, out of mind! Sampling Thanksgiving, Quick It, By Bent Creek... Sampling Christmas, Quick It, by Bent Creek... This one is a puzzlement. It is a freebie I acquired, that I originally did in October, in Fall colors, because I thought it was a pumpkin. When I finished it, I realized it could be a stylized purse! What do you think? Treasure Family, part of the 2010 Christmas FlipIts by Lizzie Kate. I picked a few to do separately, but this is the only one I finished...They will be ready for next year. And Give, from the first Lizzie Kate Flip Its. Now I have done four! Whoopee! Next year is the year to finish series pieces, for sure! I have 3 Lizzie Kates to do, and 3 Little House series to finish. Sigh... Happy After Christmas! Hugs.

White Christmas and afterwards...

It started snowing last night, which thrilled the family visiting! And today, oh my! We have quite a bit of snow and it is supposed to snow all day and most of tonight! They predict a foot of snow, but I am pretty sure we are already there! Here are some snaps of the family frolicking in the snow... The Floridians did not have appropriate snow wear, so ... it caked on their clothing right away! It is drifting now, so we may be snowed in! Although it was shoveled while they were playing, you cannot tell now--only an hour later! And my tree in front is so pretty!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas finishes to show

Boy, does it ever get busy when you have a house full of family? We have been running every day, doing fun things for Christmas. Tonight is the Messiah sing-a-long! Should be fun! Anyway, I have some finishes to show... and two more in the process will be posted later. This design is by The Sampler Girl, one of my favorite designers! I have titled it "I Heard the Bells", used 32-ct. R&R Alabaster linen, and Dinky Dyes Bush Christmas thread. This is part of one of my most favorite Christmas songs, and I LOVE the version by Casting Crowns! Well, wasn't that fun? Moving on... This one is for the ornament exchange at my LNS. It is a modified verion of a chart by The Sampler Girl called Christmas Eve Flight. Over one, on a scrap of 25 count sparkly fabby, using random DMC threads. This is my FAVE!! It is from the 2010 JCS Ornament magazine, called Merry and Bright, by Country Cottage Needleworks. It is sitting next to my new animated snowman that I got at our auction at work. When you press the button in back, the snow (glitter) moves around, and there are varying colors too. Love it! And this is 'Sew Peaceful' by Carol at Istitch, one of many really cute charts I have to stitch. This went to a friend at work. Hope she likes it... And finally, I finished-finished the Joy ornie from the 2009 JCS Ornament issue. It is hanging on my ornament tree right next to me here at the computer. Kinda cute! I have a couple more to show, plus the family has been stitching away during their stay and I will post those pictures later tonight. Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season! Hugs.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

One More PIF person?

As the year draws to a close, I just remembered that I only have two persons to stitch for, and I wanted three to PIF (Pay It Forward). If anyone else is interested in receiving a stitchy something from me within the next year, just let me know via comment here or email. IF more than one person replies in the next couple of days, I will have a drawing or ... who knows? Those who participate also do their own PIF thus perpetuating the process. Have a few more finishes to show, but I am way too tired tonight! One last note--my littlest granddaughter, Olivia, began walking this week! It is so CUTE to see those first few steps she takes... Now the fun begins, just in time for Christmas! Happy Christmas to all my wonderful blogging followers and buddies! Hugs!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jennifer's (Feathers in the Nest Blog) Giveaway

Well, I am sharing news of Jennifer's fabulous Christmas Giveaway--but you don't HAVE to go there and enter... probably not your style of prizes, or you already have the prizes... so, no hurry! Besides, I am going to win!!