Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do Something Nice Day Giveaway

In honor of 'Do Something Nice Day' on October 5th, I am hosting a small giveaway. The prize includes two charts: Winter Silhouette by Diane Arthurs/Imaginating and French Country Snow Globe by JBW, along with a Butterfly Thread Minder, two gold snowflake charms and a Pendant Thread Cutter. (can you tell I am in the Christmas/Winter stitching mood?? Yes, I have done my first ornie already!) To enter, you must be a follower and reply that you are interested, on this post only! Drawing will be held on October 5th, of course! Have a great Day! Hugs.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A quick Movie Review

I watched a movie from the library last night called "Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont' and it was a most engaging, likeable movie! I really really enjoyed it! About an older woman who moves to a hotel in London to be closer to her grandson, and to avoid being a 'burden' to her daughter. It is so endearing... MOST of you will enjoy it! Gotta run!Hugs!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A couple of other-people's giveaways!

I am going to advertise for two giveaways, and that will increase MY odds to win! Sneaky, huh?? Katherine, at Regaling from Windy Ridge is offering a giveaway for stash she won't ever use, and Edgar is offering a giveaway for his upcoming Birthday! I am thinking about my next giveaway, too... They are such fun! But it has to be clever, and nothing has come to me! So, go enter those two... but I AM GOING TO WIN! Hugs!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Winning and Spending

Great title, eh? Well, I have been SO excited because I won a drawing! From BeckySC, no less! She was giving away a Pumpkin finish, and my name was drawn! Isn't it adorable? It is from the Prairie Schooler chart: A Prairie Year. I love pin pillows, and this is so pretty! Next is a little picture of a 'must-have' item--copper scissors!! I love the color of copper, and when I saw these beauties on Anita's website I knew they had to become MINE! Are they not gorgeous??!! And when I showed them to my hubby, he went away and came back with a couple of pairs of scissors, also for me. Don't ask me where he got them or even WHY... I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I had a pair of stork scissors but gave them to my friend when she was learning to stitch. Now I have another pair. And the red ones are a very comfy fit. Will find out about sharpness later... I am pondering the next Giveaway I will have, so stay tuned! How do you like my new 'look' for my blog? I finally got brave and switched the blogskin and NOTHING happened! I am jazzed, and be prepared... I like all those designs out there! Hugs.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Christmas SAL finished, and others...

I finished my Christmas SAL piece, Blessings be Thine by Blackbird Designs. It is out of print now, so I am very glad that I bought it a couple of years ago! It is for MY house! And I don't think I posted the final picture of the unframed California Wine Sampler that is a gift for someone at my work... I changed the wording after all. Picking a frame this week... Look at this cute Freebie, Autumn, from The Stitcherhood. Used a little scrap of leftover fabby... picked a few DMC, and voila! Done! Going to make it into a little pillow/pincushion today, I hope. And for the last showing, I stitched a piece from Renato Parolin, for a different friend I work with, and here it is framed: NOW I am starting on ornaments! Yesterday I managed to get in a shopping trip to Hancock's Fabrics. They were having a Customer Appreciation sale.Chrismas and Autumn fabby's were on terrific sale! I got about 15-20 for backings and other surprises. So now I am IN THE MOOD! That's all for now. Am going to go upstairs and start stitching! Yay! Hugs.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where was I nine years ago?

On that fateful day, I was the nanny to a beautiful 7 month old boy whose parents were both officers in the Navy. Mom was out on a ship, training in the Chesapeake Bay, and Dad was in the Naval Hospital. My own son was in high school, my oldest daughter was in either Texas or Missouri, my youngest daughter was at work nearby on a base as a civilian, and my husband was at work too. My husband called me to say turn on the t.v. and then it started. The fear... of living in the area with the largest concentration of military in the eastern U.S. The calls from family members of the baby and my own family. The steps to gather family close JIC we were next, a very REAL threat. The sudden flurry of jets leaving the area. (I forget whether all the ships stayed in port or moved out to sea...) Tanya, at The Sampler Girl reminded me today of her experiences, which inspired this post. She is right, it DID bring people closer together. I 'inherited' a baby boy for a while due to the base being locked down where dad was, and mom's ship being a first responder in NYC. Schools closed. I packed the baby up and went home. Yes, we were glued to the t.v. most of the day, but we were all together, like a mother hen and her chicks. Most memories fade with time, but that is still very vivid in my mind. Imagine the people all over the world that live with that kind of fear daily... Say a prayer, it is the BEST we can do. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Giveaway Winners Please Respond!

I announced the two Giveaway Winners on 9-3 but have not heard from them yet. I will give them the benefit of the doubt due to the holiday weekend, but if I do not hear from them by Friday, September 10th, I will do the drawings again. The winners were Robin and Meari... Please email your addresses to me--my email is in my profile. Thanks.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday finish for a friend

I neglected to post a picture of my finished 'Sunflower House' by Blackbird Designs. I gave it to my friend Debra for her birthday this month. She loved it! So glad! Hugs.

Labor Day Weekend Beach Combing Finds

I went out to Back Bay again, to enjoy the sun, wind, surf and wildlife. Saw lots of sandpipers, willets and pelicans. Surf was quite active, cooling to your feet. Went with my sister, and we walked over two hours! No highway signs to tell us how far we went... I am always looking down in case I come across a find, and voila! Found these two shells within yards of each other! I have NEVER found a conch shell and I wonder where they came from! Since it was right after Hurricane Earl passed us by, it could be anywhere! I really like them! How about you? Hugs.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mea Culpa!! Giveaway Winners...

I totally FORGOT about the Giveaways!! Of course, I have an Excellent Excuse! Hurricane Earl!! Though we did not have a direct hit, it was the topic of much discussion and preparations around here, and I got sucked right in!! You might have heard, it was a non-event... Oh well, better safe than sorry! The random winner of the Birthdays Giveaway/Four 'Random Thoughts' charts is: Robin And the random winner of Another Birthday Giveaway/HDF Perle silk flosses is: Meari Please send along your mailing addresses to me, my email addy is in my profile. Congratulations! (sorry for the tiny pics... 'puter troubles) I will have more to give away soon... I promise to try harder to be on time! Hugs!