Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation stitching pics

Not that I got a whole lot done. I never got to stitch on the 4th day, so only 3 projects to show. First is Live Simply, by Primitive Needle. I like the colors I am using. The model is a bit too pastel for my tastes... Next is Kindness Begets by Birds of a Feather. I worked on this one last night at Stitching Group, so I have 3 sides done now. I cannot wait to start filling in the middle! Last was Joy in the Journey by Diane Williams. Not too much progress, as I had to pick out one section over and over... I am doing it on 36 count, and I usually use 32, so it is a little different for my eyes. But, I am progressing. I finished another piece but it is a gift so cannot show it, JIC! And am working on another Vacation WIP, 'Bee Sampler' by Little House. No picture but about halfway done. Now I am going to start stitching for Christmas. Ornies, my BBD piece 'Blessings be Thine' which I need to finish, and whatever suits my fancy! Don't forget to enter my TWO Giveaways! Drawings are coming on the 31st! Hugs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going on a mini-vacation soon

Thursday morning my spouse and I are leaving at 4 a.m. to go visit family in Maryland. I can hardly wait! We will only be there till Sunday, but it will be nice. The weather there is going to be in the high 70's and 60's at night. I will be bringing a sweater--getting it out of my winter closet!! I have been trying to decide which Vacation WIP to bring, but it just occurred to me--should I bring 4, one for each day? Or should I just bring all that are still there (about 13--I am working on the Bee Sampler from LHN at work) and do a little on them all like last time? Ah, but this time I will not be alone.., and I should not be rude and hole up somewhere to stitch. So, 4 it is! Now to pick them! I seriously doubt I will have internet access, as last time we were there Uncle only had dial-up! He is about 87 or so, and I cannot expect him to be a computer nerd! Sigh.. They don't have cable t.v. either, so...evenings are definitely for stitching and chatting... So, till next week... Hugs.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did some of the finishing on my stitched pieces

Last night I did five finishes. Still have a couple more to do, and I will probably get around to one more. The last is a 'puzzlement' as to how to finish it. Pondering it still.

Now on to do laundry and work on that last finish... Hope I finish it tonight. Am trying to make my first mattress pincushion...


Friday, August 6, 2010

...and one to grow on! Another BIRTHDAY Giveaway!

Not to forget that my youngest Daughter's Birthday is also this month, I am having another Giveaway! This time I have some Perle SILK threads from Vikki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Fibers. I found that I do not like this type of thread, so they need to go to a home that will use them. There are 15 assorted threads, some Perle 5 and some Perle 12. The picture shows the colors (can you tell I like Purple and Pink??).

In order to enter THIS giveaway, you must also do Two Things: One--Be a follower, and Two--name your favorite Designer.

I will have a random drawing on August 31st. Good luck to those who enter!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthdays Giveaway

In honor of my three siblings, who were ALL born in this month, I have the FOUR Random Thoughts (Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn) charts by Erica Michaels, from a few years ago, to give away. I will not be stitching them... (why do I buy them??) so will gift them to someone who WILL stitch them!

In order to enter this giveaway, two things are required:

1: you must be a follower

2: please leave a comment telling us how many finishes you have this year.

Drawing will be on August 31st.

I counted MY finishes last night, and there are 27!!! Woo hoo! That certainly is a lot for me! and I have not stopped yet!! Plenty of stitching time left in the year!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Excuses and a 2nd Vacation Finish...

I am sorry not to be posting more... I have a good excuse!! I have been helping my sister move in with us! The economic times again... I thank God daily that I still have a job! It has been a LOT of work, switching around rooms, packing up my entire stash and moving it (!!!), and my hubby put in new flooring and painted... I am still re-arranging... I am tired!! Plus I had company 3X, celebrated our 20th anniversary... Not to mention my newest granddaughter Olivia and my daughter come to visit nearly every weekend! What a BUSY BUSY month July was!!!
I did manage to finish another Vacation WIP piece--it's for my boss on her birthday in November. I mostly worked on it during breaks at work. It is called California Wine Sampler, but it is out of print now... This is the second time I finished it, this time on linen. Used 32-count Liberty Gathering Gray by R&R, and picked the first 3 suitable colors I found in my stash!

Now that I look at it, I may move the 'I' over some... we shall see...
Soon I will have another stitching giveaway. But--by the way, I have a couple of quilting books that I bought years ago, but don't like... Would anyone participate in a giveaway for them, or should I just give them to a charity store?
Well, needless to say, I am pooped and going to bed!