Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow II pictures!

Well, the snow is gone so all we will have now is memories of it, or PICTURES! Here are a couple more taken today, after some clearing of the walk/driveways, etc... I hear major streets are clear, but schools are closed tomorrow. AND I believe that we have changed our policy at work so that if schools are closed, WE are closed! Man, I hope that is right! I haven't gotten hardly any stitching done because I was helping my hubby take a required course online (he is not computer savvy)for licensing. GOOD NEWS is that he just passed with a 96%! Hooray! And another Hooray, because I am FREE!! You just have NO idea... My son hopped around writing this in the snow! Like a little kid again! Nicely cleaned walk/driveway and front of my car... My grill, to show how much snow accumulated... Don't laugh--it's a lot for US!When I was about to step outside to snap this, I slipped on the mat because it was iced over... It had been snow-covered, melted a bit in the sun, and now froze slicker than .... This is what is scary... the street is all iced... dangerous!! I don't drive and jeopardize myself or others... So if we are NOT closed, but it is bad out there, I will call it a PTO day! Well, now I must start dinner, do laundry, etc etc... I really really really want to just sit and stitch... Hugs.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of your snow, Maggee! I really enjoy seeing everyone's snow pictures!

Hope you get in some stitching! And congratulations to your husband on passing his course!

Robin in Virginia