Sunday, January 31, 2010

Has anyone ever COUNTED their stash charts??

I decided to make a spreadsheet of the charts in my stash drawer today, because I had to be downstairs while dinner was cooking. Well, this does not include the random chart here and there, around the house, but.... the final number was 154!!! Plus FOUR Blackbird books with multiple charts!! OMG! How the heck did I get so darned many???!!! AND--I have so many FREEBIES printed, plus the ones I haven't printed stored on my computer... I imagine that inflates the number into the 300's!! I better get busy!! I have a LOT of stitching to do!! And then there's the Super Bowl Sale at Dyeing to Stitch next weekend, and Nashville Night in a few weeks... How do we resist?? I know ONE way to reduce the numbers, and that is to have a GIVEAWAY for my 1st BLOGOVERSARY on February 15th. Details coming tomorrow... Hugs.

Snow II pictures!

Well, the snow is gone so all we will have now is memories of it, or PICTURES! Here are a couple more taken today, after some clearing of the walk/driveways, etc... I hear major streets are clear, but schools are closed tomorrow. AND I believe that we have changed our policy at work so that if schools are closed, WE are closed! Man, I hope that is right! I haven't gotten hardly any stitching done because I was helping my hubby take a required course online (he is not computer savvy)for licensing. GOOD NEWS is that he just passed with a 96%! Hooray! And another Hooray, because I am FREE!! You just have NO idea... My son hopped around writing this in the snow! Like a little kid again! Nicely cleaned walk/driveway and front of my car... My grill, to show how much snow accumulated... Don't laugh--it's a lot for US!When I was about to step outside to snap this, I slipped on the mat because it was iced over... It had been snow-covered, melted a bit in the sun, and now froze slicker than .... This is what is scary... the street is all iced... dangerous!! I don't drive and jeopardize myself or others... So if we are NOT closed, but it is bad out there, I will call it a PTO day! Well, now I must start dinner, do laundry, etc etc... I really really really want to just sit and stitch... Hugs.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I live in the mid-atlantic, so snow is rarely seen here.. thus the excitement! It was not snowing about 12:39 this morning, so it started sometime after that. And it is supposed to snow all through tomorrow morning. That could be a fair accumulation. It is a very very fine snow falling right now. My hubby has been out, making pathways to the cars, clearing off the cars, etc... But I took these two snaps before he ventured out... So lovely and serene... A good day to stitch! IF I get left alone... Hugs.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LHN January finished!

And it came out kind of cute! I am using R&R French Vanilla, 32-count for the fabric, and the colors provided. I already started February... am changing it a bit... just wait! I think I will get January framed and then the other months laced to pop into the same frame... Hugs.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finished LHN FaLaLa

I can show you one of my three latest finishes... cause it is not a gift or exchange piece, it is MINE! I had taken out the words in white at least two times, before I saw someone else's done in red... So I thought, "Heck, red it is!" But, started them off wrong and they are lopsided... however, I wasn't ABOUT to take them out AGAIN! It's for me, and I like it!! So, without further ado, my rendition of FaLaLa by Little House: I like putting the optional beads on... I even did the lamp in beads... They are a pretty touch. That's all for now folks! Hugs.

Bingo Prizes!

I received my Bingo Prizes from the LHN Yahoo group this week. I am so excited...they are all ones I will stitch! Eventually... :( They are: He's a Flake, Rose Hill Plantation, Battle Hymn of the Republic and Mississippi Riverboat. Have to run to work, so more later... Funny how the time flies by when a new family member is born! Hugs.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Final count for 2009 is....

51 pieces completed! Wow!! I surprise MYSELF!! some still have to be 'finished' or framed, but not too many. For this year, I am going to cut back on exchanges and stitch any new starts from my stash (yeah, yeah, where have I heard that one???). I am currently working on my one and only exchange (Valentines) for the year, and a LHN ornament, Fa-La-La. Both are close to being finished. I then need to get on to stitching the LHN January piece. Some of my WIPs are calling me LOUDLY, and I HEAR them! Especially my BAPs... love them all! Hugs.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last of the Christmas/Exchange ornaments to show

April has received the two ornaments I sent to her in a personal exchange, so I can post pictures here. First is Snowman's Quaker Christmas by Midnight Stitching. I have LOVED this one ever since I first saw it done by someone on a blog! All of them in the series' are adorable! I used a scrap of scrap of linen--perhaps lugana, with DMC threads and seed beads to outline. It is a fun stitch! Then I also did Snowbound by Bent Creek, because I wasn't sure about the first know how it goes when sending to someone... You get apprehensive about whether it is good enough. Used another scrap of linen, probably 32-count, with DMC threads. I received hers, also... what a cutie! And the hanger is unique and wonderful! So, that should be it for Christmas ornies for 2009. I am trying to get a count of how many stitched pieces I completed last year. Stay tuned! Hugs.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Granddaughter arrived!!!

My daughter was going to be induced next week, so the baby decided to come earlier! Baby Olivia was born yesterday at 3:50 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs. 3 ozs and 18.5 inches long, and light brown hair so far. And what follows is what I consider to be the best picture I have taken of her face, so far... She is just beautiful, if I say so myself... Naturally, nothing much to report on the stitching front... kinda scattered right now! Will rest tonight and have a report tomorrow. You-all come back now! Hugs.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I bought myself two 'suitcases' from A.C. Moore with a little gift card $ I received. As you can see, I am using one already, for my LHN ornament that I stitch on at work (see my pink Namaste case?) The other is for my next medium project...(with my red Namaste case!) Hugs.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow! I cannot believe it is already the 5th! Going back to work really makes time fly by... I have a few more pictures I can show, from Christmas. First is a piece I did for my daughter and her hubby. It is by Lizzie Kate. I found the frame at Michaels. It was an easy stitch. Works for me! Next is the Bent Creek stocking I made for my son. I had it finished at my LNS (thanks Debbie T.!) and it looks terrific! This is Jolly Holiday by Lizzie Kate, my LAST finish of the year. I did it over, so I actually did it 1 and a half times! Pretty tedious stitching... I wasn't happy at all! But, it is cute. Used 32 count R&R ABCedarian Blend linen this time, with all WOOL threads! I was experimenting with the threads, thanks to Bindy! I intend to make it into a standup cube, maybe this weekend. Then, for the New Year, I have joined a Christmas SAL, where we stitch all year long on a piece that we really, really want for next Christmas. I am doing Blessings be Thine by Blackbird, and here is my progress so far: AND--my progress on my piece for our SAL with The Sampler Life group on Yahoo. We are stitching a piece of Marc Davis' (aka Needlemania)-- I am doing Sachet: I really really like how that is coming out... AND, lastly for now... My Wiehenberg Welcome SAL progress. I got a letter done!! Yay! Not that I am complaining, but I AM the only one in the SAL that is progressing... ahem, ladies... you know who you are... I think one of my stitching goals for this year is to work on my BAP's like the two above... I really like them, and would love to have them finished! Well, enough for tonight. Thanks for visiting. Hugs.