Thursday, October 15, 2009

Words about yesterday's WW

It was a picture of a 'step-down' in front of the house my ancestors lived in on Meeting Street in Charleston, SC. Way back when there were no cars, when people arrived in carriages, it was a big step down (like in an SUV!!) so they built these little steps to make it an easier exit. Here is a picture of the house. It was being restored to it's original shape in 2001, but... I never heard that project got finished. I was allowed to tour it while in construction by the new owner... what a thrill!

The house is on the Historic Preservation list, and the sign can be seen by the front door. It is huge, and has so many beautiful features! Next door to the right, was the Carriage House which has been made into another beautiful residence.

Am feeling somewhat better. Strep turned to bronchitis, which I am fighting off now... As for stitching, I had to put away Ribbon Topiary because I took it apart 3 times and could no longer stand to work on it!! Maybe in the spring... Back to working on commitment stitching... no pics...



Tracey said...

Beautiful home! And I am glad you explained your WW, I was wondering what it was! lol I love Charleston- I hope to take my parents there someday. It's so beautiful!

Angela P said...

I never would have guessed that was what it was :) A beautiful home, I've always wanted to visit there someday! Hope you are feeling better soon.