Thursday, October 8, 2009

Description of WW for 10-7-09

Went to a car show while visiting colleges years ago with my son, and couldn't resist a shot of this beautiful PINK Thunderbird! Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, thought it an excellent choice for WW!

I am not feeling at all well this morning. Had a tiny scratchy throat last night when I went to bed, but this morning my tonsils are so swollen, it spread to that wiggly thing in the back of my throat and that is almost swollen to where I cannot breathe! Of course, today is the day I have to sub for my boss lady... If it is slow, I am going to see about the former person taking it today... the one we had to let go cause she was so slow... And I am making an appointment with my FP, to get on antibiotics asap!(there goes my overtime...) This is the start of some uncomfortable times... unfortunately... But I may get in some extra stitching time!! That could be good!


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Angela P said...

I hate sore throats! Hope you feel better soon :)