Thursday, October 22, 2009

Castle where my ancestors lived in Carcasonne, France

A fellow stitcher, Edgar, mentioned he had visited the town of Carcasonne, and I thought I would post my pictures of the town and castle and also a map of the street named for my ancestors, Rue Chartran (down at the middle bottom). Looks like a great place to visit!


Barbeeque4 said...

How great is the snap of the old city!! Our hotel was basically outside the old city gates and my room's windows open with a panoramic view of the walls and tour buses - it is a really lovely area and the Carmague (sp) is especially beautiful with all the flamingos and salt mounds. Great memories!!

Sharlotte said...

I love this pic. Being into genealogy myself , I find it very interesting to see where others came from. Plus I love castles!

Jessica said...