Friday, September 18, 2009

Something new for Fridays and update

I am starting something new! For years, I have saved special quotes, sayings, and cartoons in the hopes of posting them SOMEwhere! So, starting next week, I will be posting a new 'something' for all to enjoy, and I will be calling it Friday Fancy! (like Wordless Wednesday, when I ever get back to that!)

I finished my Swirlygig piece. I entered a contest at , but I cannot even remember what the prize was! I just liked the piece by Bent Creek and this was the inspiration to get it done.

I am busy working on several pieces (of course!) but some are for exchanges, so cannot show pics. One that I am about to resume is by Sunflower Seed, called "If I can't stitch". I hope to finish it tonight and get it in for framing tomorrow. I just have to have it for my wall!!

I have just replaced my mouse, and will be able to work on this computer a lot more accurately now. I could not really work well due to my scroll mouse going wacky on me. At first, I thought I had a virus or worm, but it boiled down to a bad mouse. All is well, and I am back!


P.S. I had to delete my Swirlygig pictures and colors used because this is an 'anonymous' contest, and I mistakenly thought the winner was chosen. I apologize profusely if I have messed anything up! Will post later... SO SORRY!!!!!

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Karen said... the pastel colors for it. Good luck.