Saturday, August 8, 2009

WW explanation--Tibetan Mandala

The WW was a picture of a Mandala created by a group of Tibetan Monks that came to our local area for a teaching session in summer/fall of 06. It is entirely created out of sand! They use these tubes and have such great hand coordination. It was awesome! They let local participants make one, also, and I am putting a picture of that one here. I think theirs was a Healing Mandala, and the other (civilian one) a Peace Mandala.
At the end of the week of creating, they had a lecture of sorts. They gave an explanation of the symbols in the mandalas, the colors and their meanings, and then the reason they make them. The finale was destroying them, but not before they put some of the sand into little itty bitty bags for each person to have ( I still have mine!!), and tossing them in the nearby water. The symbolism of that was it was a bay, leading to the ocean. So, tossing the sands into the bay waters would spread healing into ALL the world. They prayed and did some blowing on these long long horns... The pics are not so great... too many people crowding around...

You can see the ends of the long horns here, and the monks pouring the sand into the water. It was an excellent experience and I am waiting for them to come again.

One note about this experience. Some of my favorite stitching pieces are very much like mandalas. It has been inside of me a long time, tho I never knew it till the monks came. I went to BN and got a mandala coloring book for me, and when I am particularly stressed I take it out and create my own. It is a great release, very relaxing to me.


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