Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christmas Presents

Had to run to work so could not get these pictures on the blog this morning... These are two presents going to two of my three granddaughters for Christmas. I changed my mind about sending them for upcoming birthdays, what with the economy in my household in flux... :(
This will be for the Pink Lovin' Granddaughter. A friend makes these bags, you can see more at my LNS website: Dyeing to Stitch I had the stitched piece finished into a pin cushion filled with walnut shells because my granddaughter really liked the one I was using when we were together at the resort this year.
I gave a piece of the bag fabric to my favorite finisher Bindy, and asked her to also make a little pocket so that I could put these little pink gems in it. Is this not the cutest setup for a new little stitcher? Then I had the red bag made and I did the pin cushion myself. This is for the Red Lovin' Granddaughter...

And I made the little pocket on the back for the red gems! I am a quick study. I already knew how to frame a piece with fabric... What fun!


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Jennifer said...

These are great too! You could always make finishing your second job.