Sunday, August 23, 2009

August TUSAL

Posting a day late--dang! If you want to join us in the TUSAL, go here:

Finishes to report

I HAVE been busy stitching, and have finished THREE projects!! Unfortunately, two are going to be Christmas presents and the recipients might read my blog so I cannot post pictures. But--one is a birthday gift and I don't think she reads this blog, so I can post the finish picture. It is a freebie from My Big Toe Designs, called Stitching Friends (I would guess...). I stitched it one over one on 25 count Wedgewood Lugana, with DMC threads as called for in the design. HOWever, I plan to make more of this cutie, in other colors. I started it Friday evening and finished last night. I have a special finish in mind, that I am 'borrowing' from other stitchers' finish pictures!

I think I now have 5 family Christmas presents done! Woohoo!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christmas Presents

Had to run to work so could not get these pictures on the blog this morning... These are two presents going to two of my three granddaughters for Christmas. I changed my mind about sending them for upcoming birthdays, what with the economy in my household in flux... :(
This will be for the Pink Lovin' Granddaughter. A friend makes these bags, you can see more at my LNS website: Dyeing to Stitch I had the stitched piece finished into a pin cushion filled with walnut shells because my granddaughter really liked the one I was using when we were together at the resort this year.
I gave a piece of the bag fabric to my favorite finisher Bindy, and asked her to also make a little pocket so that I could put these little pink gems in it. Is this not the cutest setup for a new little stitcher? Then I had the red bag made and I did the pin cushion myself. This is for the Red Lovin' Granddaughter...

And I made the little pocket on the back for the red gems! I am a quick study. I already knew how to frame a piece with fabric... What fun!


A few finishes

This past weekend I did a lot of hand finishing, finally! In no particular order, here they are:

I added the little gemstone trim all around the cube, so it is fine-ally finished!

Funny little bird that I bumped up with that colorful flower (Weeks Hotrod)! By Aliolka (?), a free chart. Finished as a pin cushion, filled with crushed walnut shells.

May as well go bright and funky on the back too! :)

I love this piece and will probably do more... Used a Dinky Dyes silk on Virginia Beach Blend by R&R Reproductions. It was a freebie, found ?? during a blog-hopping visit. Also finished as a pin cushion stuffed with crushed walnut shells.

The back fabby is not quite so dark... it is a sweet pattern, to go with the swirly's...

Gotta go to work... more later...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

WW explanation--Tibetan Mandala

The WW was a picture of a Mandala created by a group of Tibetan Monks that came to our local area for a teaching session in summer/fall of 06. It is entirely created out of sand! They use these tubes and have such great hand coordination. It was awesome! They let local participants make one, also, and I am putting a picture of that one here. I think theirs was a Healing Mandala, and the other (civilian one) a Peace Mandala.
At the end of the week of creating, they had a lecture of sorts. They gave an explanation of the symbols in the mandalas, the colors and their meanings, and then the reason they make them. The finale was destroying them, but not before they put some of the sand into little itty bitty bags for each person to have ( I still have mine!!), and tossing them in the nearby water. The symbolism of that was it was a bay, leading to the ocean. So, tossing the sands into the bay waters would spread healing into ALL the world. They prayed and did some blowing on these long long horns... The pics are not so great... too many people crowding around...

You can see the ends of the long horns here, and the monks pouring the sand into the water. It was an excellent experience and I am waiting for them to come again.

One note about this experience. Some of my favorite stitching pieces are very much like mandalas. It has been inside of me a long time, tho I never knew it till the monks came. I went to BN and got a mandala coloring book for me, and when I am particularly stressed I take it out and create my own. It is a great release, very relaxing to me.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Received an ornie and stitched a pinkeep

My All Seasons Ornament Exchange partner was Vicki, and she made me a lovely Quaker two-sided ornament. I love everything about it, but especially the way the ribbon is fastened with ONE button. Believe I will be copying that detail in the future... I have finished my ornie for Vicki and hope to mail it out very soon.

When I saw the PS Breast Cancer pinkeep at my LNS (Dyeing to Stitch), it called out to me to stitch it for a girl I know that just finished chemo and radiation. I am trying to be her encourager, because when I went through it I really appreciated those who were mine. So, here is my gift for Crystal:


Wordless Wednesday 8-5-09

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