Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Not stitching related, but wanted to share pics from my trip to Back Bay with my husband today. The weather was perfect, less than 85 degrees, and the sun was not directly out until just before we left at 2:00. There was a nice refreshing breeze when we were inland, and when we walked on the beach...the wind was a delight. I love to walk on this beach. NO one hardly ever goes there, and it is very peaceful. You can go all the way into North Carolina, but I am not up to that yet! Here is a link to read more about what they offer: Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Now for some pics:
Look what we saw when we got out of the car! And it was not afraid of us! As you will see...That is my husband, thinking he can go up and pet it... and he did get pretty darn close!!
I loved seeing the sea birds... They are so cute!
And look at the tracks they leave...
Here is what the sky looked like. Rather ominous, but it didn't come to fruition at all!
As we were eating our PICNIC LUNCH, a plane flew by, dragging a sign... Now I know what that caveman is feeling! It says: This is the money you could be saving with GEICO... (yeah, yeah, yeah...)

A view of the Bay...inland from the beach...

After we ate, as we came back to the car, who should we meet but... that deer again..

And here he is in those bushes... poor thing was covered in ticks, and had bugs hovering all over him... wonder why? Hubby got close enough to give him a piece of apple... but he liked the bushes better!

Of course, there was more, but I need to get some stitching done in between laundry loads...


P.S. ALL of these pics were taken 'blind' because I could see nothing on my digital screen due to the daylight, being outside and all... Pretty good, eh?


Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a great day! I love doing stuff like much fun! Great pictures too!

Angela said...

What a great place.