Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What do we do with those unwanted charts?

I am in a purging mood. But what do we do with those charts we no longer want? Ideas, anyone???

I finished organizing my DMC threads! Yay!!

Side view of the organized DMC thread drawers... See those scroll rods on the bottom of the table behind the thread cabinet? Those are just the BIG ones... I have loads of smaller ones. Since I started using Q-Snaps, they have pretty much been idle... What do I do with those, also, when I no longer use them? I am sure someone wants them?!?

Picture of an organized drawer...

I picked up the lighthouse piece that I was doing for my husband this past weekend, and started to work on it. I started this piece in 1999, when I was not working in an office environment! But--it is on 14 count aida... I was pretty new to stitching then, and this piece was WAY too complicated/advanced for a newbie. I had made so many mistakes back then, which is why I keep avoiding it. Well, the heck with it! I decided to trash it! And boy, do I feel better! I cut the extra fabric off and gave it to a friend that just started stitching, and she was delighted! Done! And it is coming off the list on the blog! It would probably have gone over like a lead balloon at Christmas anyway...

Can you tell I am in some kind of mood?!?


Friday, July 24, 2009


Forgot to post a picture of my jar on the 22nd! I have worked on so many different project, it is quite a variety in there! For more info, see


Thursday, July 23, 2009

BAPS update

Thought I would post pics of MOST of my BAPS today. Without further ado...
This is Growth Rings by Ink Circles. It is being done on 32 count Hush-a-Bye linen by R&R, using Turquoise silk and another silk (not started yet) by Dinky Dyes. I tried one other color but it was too light. Have a second one to try, whose name escapes me, when I next pick this up.

Here is Alla Turca, by Pelin Tezer, looking the same as it did in May. Haven't touched it... tho I love it!

And here is Sachet, by Marc Davis of Needlemania, stitched on 32-count Woodlawn linen by R&R, using Grasshopper thread by Crescent Colors. Love how this looks so far!

And I worked a bit on This Heart of Mine by Ink Circles, also... Using 18 count pink aida gifted to me, with VC silk (name is ??--in an older post...)

I am also working on a Christmas present (Bent Creek stocking), that I cannot do at home, and so cannot post a picture because it is at work! I work on it at breaktimes at work, Thursday nights at the shop and most Saturdays at the shop.

Last is a picture of my progress on a new biscornu I am making for another granddaughter's birthday. She likes red. (a freebie from Louison, french designs)

Gotta run to work now!



Yesterday's WW picture was of an 'Egg House', otherwise known as a Hurricane Proof house, in Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. Without any 'corners' the high winds and water cannot tear it apart during a hurricane, or so I am told. They have not experienced a major hurricane lately so cannot know... Hugs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Not stitching related, but wanted to share pics from my trip to Back Bay with my husband today. The weather was perfect, less than 85 degrees, and the sun was not directly out until just before we left at 2:00. There was a nice refreshing breeze when we were inland, and when we walked on the beach...the wind was a delight. I love to walk on this beach. NO one hardly ever goes there, and it is very peaceful. You can go all the way into North Carolina, but I am not up to that yet! Here is a link to read more about what they offer: Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Now for some pics:
Look what we saw when we got out of the car! And it was not afraid of us! As you will see...That is my husband, thinking he can go up and pet it... and he did get pretty darn close!!
I loved seeing the sea birds... They are so cute!
And look at the tracks they leave...
Here is what the sky looked like. Rather ominous, but it didn't come to fruition at all!
As we were eating our PICNIC LUNCH, a plane flew by, dragging a sign... Now I know what that caveman is feeling! It says: This is the money you could be saving with GEICO... (yeah, yeah, yeah...)

A view of the Bay...inland from the beach...

After we ate, as we came back to the car, who should we meet but... that deer again..

And here he is in those bushes... poor thing was covered in ticks, and had bugs hovering all over him... wonder why? Hubby got close enough to give him a piece of apple... but he liked the bushes better!

Of course, there was more, but I need to get some stitching done in between laundry loads...


P.S. ALL of these pics were taken 'blind' because I could see nothing on my digital screen due to the daylight, being outside and all... Pretty good, eh?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Violarium Giveaway!

Have you heard about the giveaway by Violarium? They are giving away a fantastic book of Alphabets by Valerie Lajeune! It is about 700 pages and has over 800 alphabets. It is worth entering, don't you think? Here is the link:

Violarium Blog

I am off to stitch now...Been on this computer reading blogs... so addicting!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wordless picture... and a survey of sorts...

This Weeping Willow is crying cause it's dying! I have seen many willows this summer in the same shape. We have not had much rain, thus the trees and plants are suffering.

On a different note, at my local stitching group tonight, I asked everyone at my table how long they could stitch on projects, based on the stash they had at home. Everyone moaned and the general consensus was FOREVER! I have not been stitching as long as most everyone else, so I have a lot of catching up to do!! So dear readers, how long for YOU?


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Natural Sage

I put a link to on my sidebar, because, frankly, I think everyone should get some of the herbal formulas in preparation for flu season this year. My sister, Catherine, is The Natural Sage, and I can personally testify as to the effectiveness of the herbal formulas. I have been using many of them for many, many years! I have been seeing articles from the World Health Organization and various news places about the spread of the H1N1 virus, and I think yesterday I read that they will NOT have a vaccine ready for the general public until the end of the year!?! Flu season starts end of August!! Did I also read that there was an outbreak in CO at a camp or military school?? Pretty serious business there... I strongly suggest looking into the herbs. Plus, my sister is a medical intuitive, and if you have any medical issues, she can help you with them--via the phone if needed! Browse the website and be sure to read the Testimonials. She has been given some excellent gifts! Hugs.

Wordless Wednesday 7-15-09

Hugs. (

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finished Lavender Hill!

Yay! Finished Lavender Hill by Little House Needleworks last night! So I promptly started Sachet by Needlemania... that makes what, FIVE BAP's? I am a glutton for punishment...Stitched it on 32-count Sea Fog by R&R, with the DMC called for in the design. LOVE the little sheep!! This past weekend, my husband and I went to a favorite park, and here is a picture of the lake we rested by (after a good hour hike!!)...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

'Words' and a small finish

The explanation, in 'words', for yesterday's post.... Someone gave my husband that zucchini from their garden. I don't believe we have ever had one so BIG! It is huge!! I came across the Wordless Wednesday website and thought it might be fun to do on my blog. On a stitching note, I finished a small piece that I might use for an exchange, so I cannot show it. But--it is my first attempt at stitching on 40 count! Over two, but nonetheless... I had to use my stitching chair with the GOOD light, so could only stitch it at night, after everything else was done. But, it was not impossible, and I did very little frogging. My confidence for working with other fabrics is improving! Now I am feeling a time of finishing coming on, then I will start a stocking I want to give this Christmas. But my BAP's are also calling me... So much stuff that I love...hard to choose, and even harder to stay with that choice! Hugs.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Pink Finish!

I finished my middle granddaughter's Birthday present last night at my LNS. I hope everyone will be able to tell it is the 'sign' for 'I love you'...

It is stitched on white opalescent evenweave, 25 count I think. Going to make it into a dainty pincushion for her, to keep her interest in stitching alive!! She will love it. Pink is her favorite color--great choice! It took a lot longer than I figured. Am re-thinking doing more right now... So many other things to start and work on!!