Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Received my Spring ornie from Wendy Jo!

I joined the All Seasons Ornament Exchange, and just received my first exchange! It is a spring ornie that Wendy Jo stitched from Ewe & Eye called Tulip Scissor Companion. She changed the colors to pink, since that is my favorite color. The stitching is perfect -- see all that satin stitch? I have only done that once, so have not mastered it yet.

Monday on my way back to work from lunch I was rear-ended by a woman driving a big truck that was full of 'junk' like old refrigerators and lawn mowers and stuff, plus she was hauling a trailer just as long as the F150 she was driving, also overloaded! She admitted she was not watching... she was looking ahead to the green light (stop-and-go traffic on a street with McD's and Wendy's). I heard screeching brakes and looked in my rear view mirror and wham! It was all I could do to brake and avoid hitting the car ahead of me... which I did, but just by an inch! I was immediately hurt in my neck and my head, so they carted me off to a nearby hospital... I have whiplash... blah blah blah. My van will need a new rear bumper and the back door will need to be replaced too... that is all I can see... don't know if the frame is messed up or anything else...Went back to work today, but I should have stayed home. LONG day... and tomorrow is my 2nd eye surgery. Had a checkup with them and all is fine and ready to go. Cannot wait till that is over and I am going to sleep ALL DAY!!!

Hugs, Maggee

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