Saturday, April 18, 2009

New WIPS and Organizing attempt

Took pictures of my latest projects I am working on... No, one is not on the list of Big Projects to be completed... oh well, it IS one I have wanted to do in a long while!

This one is called My Quaker House by Blackbird. It is an easy stitch, so I am loving it! Later there will be variations in thread colors, but for now, it is as charted.

This is my start of the Alla Turca SAL , designed by Pelin Tezer. Not much, but my eyes just cannot go long yet. I haven't found the right glasses strength for stitching and reading.

This is my start of organizing my DMC threads. Currently they are mostly in floss bags, arranged by number on rings. But every time I take some out, when I finish I have been just tossing them back in the drawer. So, needless to say, the drawers have become hard to navigage. I used to have an inventory sheet too... but that has gone the way of the wind. I am starting to organize them by inserting an index card in each floss bag with the number written on the front, and keeping the flosses in back of this card. Then they are arranged by number in my drawer. So far, I am up to the 300 'loose' ones. Once I finish them, I am going to do some organizing of my silks and overdyeds. Below is a picture of the DMC 'cabinet' I am using. See all the bags I have left!?!


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