Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Bunny

Here are pictures of a little Easter Bunny small I made for a friend at work. She celebrated Easter last weekend (Orthodox). When she mentioned that she had no one to celebrate with her, I immediately started gathering supplies for a basket of goodies to give her, including this easy Bunny pattern. She cried when I gave it to her last Friday... made me cry too, made everyone around at the time (break time) get teary eyed!

Not much time to stitch yet this week, due to time constraints on a website redesign I am doing for one of my clients.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

New WIPS and Organizing attempt

Took pictures of my latest projects I am working on... No, one is not on the list of Big Projects to be completed... oh well, it IS one I have wanted to do in a long while!

This one is called My Quaker House by Blackbird. It is an easy stitch, so I am loving it! Later there will be variations in thread colors, but for now, it is as charted.

This is my start of the Alla Turca SAL , designed by Pelin Tezer. Not much, but my eyes just cannot go long yet. I haven't found the right glasses strength for stitching and reading.

This is my start of organizing my DMC threads. Currently they are mostly in floss bags, arranged by number on rings. But every time I take some out, when I finish I have been just tossing them back in the drawer. So, needless to say, the drawers have become hard to navigage. I used to have an inventory sheet too... but that has gone the way of the wind. I am starting to organize them by inserting an index card in each floss bag with the number written on the front, and keeping the flosses in back of this card. Then they are arranged by number in my drawer. So far, I am up to the 300 'loose' ones. Once I finish them, I am going to do some organizing of my silks and overdyeds. Below is a picture of the DMC 'cabinet' I am using. See all the bags I have left!?!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! and More finishes!

I have a spare minute in between cleaning up for company, preparing dinner, doing laundry... I have taken a picture of a couple of Prairie Schooler finishes, from the Prairie Birds booklet I had in my stash. I think they are adorable... I will finish them as little ornies for my tree. Sorry the pics are not so great. Still trying to adjust to my new visions... No problems, just different for me. I have 5 pairs of readers that I am trying out. Some are better on the computer but not for stitching and so on. Maybe tonight I will try reading and see how that goes...Hope you are having a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Another finish!

I finished this last night at my LNS Stitching Group. It is a freebie found at I used 28 count Virginia Beach Blend, by R & R, and Coral Sea Dinky Dyes silk, one strand. I am going to do this again, in a different color. It was fun.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My 1st Loose Feathers finish!

I am excited to have finished my first Loose Feathers project, called Beyond My Heart. It is part of the Mystery Sampler they did last year. When I saw it, I WANTED it!!! I enjoyed doing it...a fun stitch. (forgot to add that it is done on 32 count Apple Brown Bindy by R&R, with threads as listed) I am feeling better today. My neck still hurts from the car accident last Monday, but I am going to a chiro 3X a week to fix it. Both of my eyes are doing fine from the surgeries, and my distance vision is so good! Have to wear readers to stitch but no biggie... Well off to stitch on something else! Hugs!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Received my Spring ornie from Wendy Jo!

I joined the All Seasons Ornament Exchange, and just received my first exchange! It is a spring ornie that Wendy Jo stitched from Ewe & Eye called Tulip Scissor Companion. She changed the colors to pink, since that is my favorite color. The stitching is perfect -- see all that satin stitch? I have only done that once, so have not mastered it yet.

Monday on my way back to work from lunch I was rear-ended by a woman driving a big truck that was full of 'junk' like old refrigerators and lawn mowers and stuff, plus she was hauling a trailer just as long as the F150 she was driving, also overloaded! She admitted she was not watching... she was looking ahead to the green light (stop-and-go traffic on a street with McD's and Wendy's). I heard screeching brakes and looked in my rear view mirror and wham! It was all I could do to brake and avoid hitting the car ahead of me... which I did, but just by an inch! I was immediately hurt in my neck and my head, so they carted me off to a nearby hospital... I have whiplash... blah blah blah. My van will need a new rear bumper and the back door will need to be replaced too... that is all I can see... don't know if the frame is messed up or anything else...Went back to work today, but I should have stayed home. LONG day... and tomorrow is my 2nd eye surgery. Had a checkup with them and all is fine and ready to go. Cannot wait till that is over and I am going to sleep ALL DAY!!!

Hugs, Maggee