Friday, August 28, 2015


Well, as I said, I had three stitched Birthday presents to get done in August...And I DID finish stitching them, finish-finish them AND get them mailed in what I think was enough time... (waiting to hear still...). I also finished stitching two other small pieces, but they are going to be gifts... so no viewing right now! I have them right next to me, to be finished-finished.

Here are some pics of the Birthday presents:

You are My Sunshine, a Cricket Collection freebie... I used a scrap of the overdyed fabric that I did Rosemarkie on. It is a really nice purple, despite this picture. The finished piece will show it better.

Count Your Rainbows, a freebie by A Posy Collection... I dyed this fabric, because this granddaughter loves pink!

And what I'm calling Bloom , also a freebie, by Wichelt Imports... Cute and Perky, just like the recipient!

And here are the finishes...

Used a piece of overdyed chenille from Victorian Motto. Nancy has so many beautiful colors!! AND lovely purple pins...of course!

This butterfly fabric seemed perfect... Her favorite color is purple... could you tell??

It is hard to see that the lighter pink rick rack is sparkly, but it is!!

I think this backing fabric is pink enough... Also has pink pins!

This one was actually hard to finish, because of matching the colors... but I finally found a green ribbon that worked!

And this really cute flower fabric, sort of matched the flowers in the design...

Months ago, many months ago, I stitched this Lizzie Kate mini-sampler... and finished it into a bag... Totally forgot to share it here... This was my first attempt at making a bag. Not bad. If I had followed the instructions to a 't', it would please me more... For some reason, I strayed and got distracted, so it is not exactly the way I wanted it... I will try again sometime in the future...

Well, that's it for now. I have to blog about birding next... LOTS of birds seen this month...



Monday, August 3, 2015

A few finishes...

I finished a few pieces early last week. I didn't finish the LK Spread the Love of God piece... I got halfway done, and will probably finish in the next day or two... Hoping to do a bit of quilting on it. But--here are the ones I DID finish!

Did a pillow finish with beaded trim. Used Red rick rack that I dyed, and White and Blue beads... all patriotic!

Side view of the beaded rick rack trim and the backing fabric...

Did another tin finish with this one!

Made 'Walk Humbly' into a flat fold. Did beading again... sparkly crystal beads this time!

Side view of the beads...

And here is a shot of the backing fabric.

Did not get much stitching done last week. Was out of town for most of it... visiting family. It was a nice time. Saw some neat birds (not many pictures tho) and will post on the birding blog next. But, I have to get moving because all three of my out-of-town granddaughters have birthdays in the next 45 days, and I want to give them stitchy gifts! Started one so far! I am going to go through all the freebie patterns I have printed out over the years--I have enough there to last me forever! Bound to find some that appeal to young ladies!

Thanks for visiting! Hugs, Maggee

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Well, I HAVE stitched a little here and there! I do NOT know where the time goes every day!! But I am trying... Without further excuses, let us begin...

First are finishes... three since we last met! The first one is very small, and will fit in one of those tart tins like in my June 1st post! It is a patriotic apple! A freebie I found somewhere...

Next is a piece by My Big Toe Designs, called Walk Humbly. It is a definite favorite!

And my latest finish is by Lizzie Kate, called Spread the Love... Going to make a (quilted?)wallhanging with this one... It's really cute!

Then a few WIPs I have worked on the past two weeks or so... First is a piece in Just Cross Stitch magazine sometime last year... darned if I remember the designer or name, but it is one I have really enjoyed seeing done, so finally took the plunge. Funny story about putting together the fabric and threads... I have had a piece of Belfast linen, called Peach Whisper in my stash for quite a while. So I thought that might be pretty and pulled it out... unrolled it, only to find out it was overdyed INSIDE the roll I have had sitting there for years!! I did NOT KNOW that!! So funny! I liked the back when I got it!! Anyway... here it is... Using one of Nancy's Victorian Motto Threads (it is blue and brown)...not the best picture... fabby is more peachy, but the threads are gradually variegated. Nice!

Did a little bit more on the next 'Littles' by Hands to Work (Tracy Riffle)...

I was working on another patriotic piece, but really disliked it so threw it out! There are plenty of others to do!!

Next are a couple of presents I received from dear blogging friends! First is from Brenda at Time to XStitch. She sent me a patriotic Thread Organizer Pack (T.O.P.s) that she made. Love it dearly and will use it with my next patriotic piece I am going to stitch this month!

The inside... has little floss bags for the project threads, and a piece of felt/wool for needles... I have another one in use already, for my Jardin Prive SAL 2014 that I am not stitching very quickly!

And Vickie at A Stitcher's Story sent me a chart and fabric that I won in her Giveaway, PLUS a bookmark she made (she is getting quite famous doing these!) and some flower seeds from her garden! I am blessed! The chart is Pomegranate Pocket and Pin Cushion by Hands On Designs...

Back of the bookmark, which she made in my favorite colors of purple, by the way! Yes, I noticed that!!

Well, that is it for now... Wonder what I will work on tonight? I am back in a patriotic mood... :)

Don't forget to check out my Stash For Sale Page!!

Thanks for visiting with me!



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stash Sale

I have a bunch of charts for sale, so I listed them on a SEPARATE PAGE. You will see it at the TOP of the blog, under the Header. IF you are interested in any of the charts, just drop me an email at stitcher dot maggee at g mail dot com. Comments have been disabled on the Stash Page for obvious reasons. If you have any questions, you can ask here in comments (they won't be published, but I will answer them). I have more to list, so be sure to pop over here every so often... and I will try to post to let you know.



Friday, June 26, 2015

Patriotic Decorating....

I have stitched a bunch of red, white and blue lately, so I finally got them finished and up on display!! Without further ado...

If you have followed my blog, you might have seen this wall display as I change it out every season... This is my LAST season needed! Yay! It is actually my second attempt at patriotic lettering...(you will see my first attempt below)

Here is a closeup on the left side...

And here is the right side...

Here is my first attempt... I was cutting them out to put in the frames when I realized they were a smaller count, and thus I was cutting off too much. Nothing I could do... except make walnut-shell filled pillows. They are lined inside, so no shells will come out... The second set above got only the outlined letters, as I was over it by then!

This is one of my new favorites! It is by Sam Sarah Designs, called Stars and Stripes. The frame is one of a set of three that I got at a thrift store for very little. I painted this first one white... I will experiment on the next two... Anyway... I put batting and then denim on the backing board, and velcro'd the stitched piece to the denim. It came out really cute, if I may say so myself!

And I have also been making table runners for each season... This is my patriotic one...

This is my Spring and then a bit of summer one... I MAY make a beach one for the end of summer before Fall... we shall see... I also made one for my sister-in-law in the Spring. They are very easy to make if you have a sewing machine, and they don't take much fabric at all... IF anyone is interested in them, I can share the pattern with you--just let me know. It is free to all--a university project I believe.

I was looking online for the type of paint to cover a mason jar when I saw this instead. THIS took five minutes to make... Found it on Pinterest, where else?

A snap of my patriotic display in my living room... there is more all around, but that is the biggest display.

I also pulled one piece from my Finishing Drawer to do. This is a Little House Needleworks piece I did a LONG time ago... made it into a cube-type finish (it's not exactly a cube...)

The top... I am running out of these colored head pins I use. They are really long. I cannot find them anymore. I originally got them YEARS AGO from a seller on Ebay but they don't have them now...If anyone knows where they can be found, in all different colors, let me know!

And the back and side...

This is my latest love from the thrift store! I just LOVE the entire thing--it's coming in my office!! Plus it was less than a dollar!! Can't go wrong!

I have been posting more often on the Gladitudes blog (link on the right), to share some encouragement. There is so much negativity around, it can really get to us. So, if you are in need of uplifting, go for a visit!

I also posted on my Birding Blog (Birding Devotee of course!) this week--link is also on the right!

Well, that is it for now...



Sunday, June 21, 2015

In Search Of...

Hello everyone! I just realized that I do not have a chart to finish a series... this is not like me at all, but... I have searched and searched, and cannot find it... The chart is called Spring Sampler, by Little House Needleworks. It originally was a kit, but I do not require the threads... I have enough of them for sure!! Here is a picture of it:

So, if anyone has this chart, please drop me a note and we can make a deal (either purchasing it or trading for it--I am open!)

++Edited to add that my friend Robin has the chart! Thanks so much!!++



Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Funnies

Went to the Thrift Store last night, and found this hilarious book that I thought I would share here every once in a while... like on Fridays! After a week of whatever, we could use a little levity! The book is called 'Signspotting" and was compiled by Doug Lansky. There is a website out there related to the book, called of course! So here we go (pardon my date stamp on the pictures!):

Before I close, I will say that I DID work on a WIP this week... but I did not enjoy it. Not that I don't like the piece... but I am just not in the mood for stitching large pieces... Here is my progress picture of the Maryse Dupont SAL 2014. I did that bird and the house... around 600 stitches, more or less...

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed!