Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A couple of finishes...

I am still trying to get back to 'normal' -- though, what is normal these days? I want to thank everyone that has prayed and is still praying for my son Jon. He is still not able to chew, thus he cannot really eat good. There has been some improvement in that he can open his mouth a bit, so he shoves in soft foods that require little chewing, and basically swallows it. But pretty much still on a liquid diet. I have asked around, and this kind of thing just takes time to return to the way it was. I still believe in praying, if you are so inclined...

Meanwhile, I have a finish or two to share... I finished a birthday piece for Jon before the day, but didn't finish-finish it until last week. Hard to figure what to do with it, since he doesn't like hanging pictures... but I played it safe and did a simple little pillow. He can just place it somewhere... Anyway, this is called 'Pretty Little Chicago' by Satsuma Designs. I have not stitched a piece with so many color changes in quite some time... but I was determined.

simple cotton ticking on the back... sorta masculine...

And then I finished the Spring is in the Air piece by Maryse Dupont. Made it into a simple pillow also, because there is a lot going on already... But I am still thinking about further embellishments...

I changed the colors of the large circle with writing in it... more to my tastes... purple of course!

And a simple little pink flower back fabric...

Yesterday I stitched a quick little piece for a friend, but... I may rip out the one word in green... just cannot decide what color to do it again...or maybe I will just leave it off!! It is Choose Joy by Trilogy

The frame was a thrift store find for less than a dollar! Love it!

I started a little patriotic piece last night. I may finish it in a day or two... I have a really SPECIAL finish in mind, so stay tuned.

That's it for now... I gotta get showered and get moving on my day!



Sunday, May 3, 2015


I have been and will be absent from blogging a little while. My son is home after a week's stay in the hospital, and needs care with meds and dressings and such. So I figure after the drains are removed this coming week, maybe he will really improve. No way to know... bad bad bacterial infection in his left jaw. Cannot open his mouth to chew, but maybe it will ease up... Appreciate your prayers!



Friday, April 10, 2015

Correction... again...

Well, you can't blame me... The 'Littles' designs I am stitching are by Hands to Work!! Tracy Riffle is the designer of these cute little pillows... It is an older pattern, hard to find. I have liked it forever and found it online recently--a must have! I DO love Hands on Designs patterns too... and hope to be getting some soon! Cathy has been cranking out a whole lot of really cute small designs I want to stitch!



Thursday, April 9, 2015

'Tis Spring... right???

I know the calendar says it is Spring, but today it is 48 degrees outside, cloudy and dreary... after being rainy yesterday (which I am thankful for, cause our grass is in need of watering!!)... I prefer warmer, sunny days! I am pretty much OVER being chilly! Hmpf!!

I have gotten a little done...

Here is what I did with the Pepsi logo stitch. My husband loves it! Phew! He has it hanging on his lamp by his recliner.

I just glued scrapbook paper to the back to cover it...

I am nearly done with one of the three 'Littles' by Hands on Designs. They are so adorable. I am using a piece of 40-count linen, and mostly the recommended threads...

And while I was perusing the internet, reading blogs and such, I came across this really pretty little design by Maryse Dupont, called 'Spring is in the Air' --had to have it, to convince myself it is Spring!

My progress as of last night! It is a quick stitch... and the TRUE colors are so sweet and soft...crappy weather makes ugly snapshots of fabric and colors... sorry!

I am gearing up to do some more finishing... I think it out as to what I want the outcome to be, then begin gathering supplies, then pick a day to dive in! I have three projects lined up this session... but for my next post! Meanwhile, here is a piece I finished for my stitching buddy Darlene... She really liked it, and I do too!


The back... love the fabric, works perfectly for this piece I think... and a nice cream chenille around the entire piece just cinches it...

With a little fussiness on top...

That's it for now!

(oh, I posted on my birding blog today also!)



Friday, March 27, 2015

FINALLY... I know...

Been in a kind of 'lull' of late... But I AM pretty well caught up on reading blogs... I did not comment on every single one... but trust me, I have READ your blog posts as of last night! I honestly don't know how the day gets away from me! When I worked, I think I got more done... It is different, being home... and hubby here too! He puts a lot of demands on me... When on the rare occasion he is off somewhere, I am rushing around trying to do MY stuff! It is gonna take time to adjust to all of these changes... I know...

I have managed a couple of finishes tho... on those rare occasions when I get to stitch at night mostly...

Here is Willie's Quaker Square 1 by Monasterium Designs, on 36-count R&R Old Town Blend fabric, using HDF silk Embers thread. Loved this one!

Kinda obvious what this is. It is going to be a present for hubby's birthday on the 4th. I MUST find a suitable frame (it is roughly 4 X 4) or make it into something like a wall hanging. Soon!

Amd I forgot to show this piece when I finished it at the end of January. It is called Sew Gigi by Carol at iStitch Designs. Used 25-count white Lugana, and HDF silk thread called Baneberry Light. It is too cute. Can't wait to get it finished... but have to decide on a suitable way first!

Now, I have a puzzle for you... I bought this piece years ago... I just loved it. I was told it was not finished, but it looked good enough to me... However, all this time later, and it really bugs me... so I wonder if ANYone knows the name or designer of it? If so, let me know, so I can pursue the chart colors and maybe finish at least the tops of the trees. I could NOT finish it and call it whimsical, which is not a stretch for me. I have done many pieces in unconventional colors and such... But... if I CAN finish it, that would be nice... Of course, I can try matching colors, but if anyone has the chart... your help would be truly appreciated!

So that is it for now... I also updated Birding Devotee blog today, for those that pop in.

Hugs, Maggee

Friday, March 6, 2015

Name of 'Winter' Freebie design correction

I was remiss in saying that the Winter piece that I recently completed was a free design by SamSarah. The true designer was Nancy with GLORY BE! I apologize for the mistake. You can find the free pattern at glorybeestitch.com .



Sunday, February 22, 2015

Embers Found, and a couple of updates

Thanks to a friendly blogger, Lisa M. , I now have more HDF Embers thread and can continue on with stitching my Quaker piece. Which is what I did last night! First let me show you the package from Lisa, which had more than the Embers thread!

Besides the Embers spools, there were also two Exemplar August spools, which contain lots of green, which just HAPPENS to be the color I have chosen in my mind for the NEXT Quaker I do! Plus, a really really pretty card with a Cardinal on it, and CHOCOLATE!

Here is a closeup of the Exemplar August thread...

I HAD to do something to KEEP this beautiful card, and this frame is perfect! I had found it when thrifting, and MEANT to gift to someone, but it's MINE now! I LOVE THIS!

Here is the progress I made on Quaker 1. I cannot get a great shot, or edit it to show that the thread has red, purple, brown and a smidge of green in it... Maybe one day...

I worked a bit more on Tulip Garden this week, and here is my progress picture. I am very close to reaching the width of the piece.

This past week, we were basically snowed in... though, technically, it was ice on top of snow! Which put me in a mood to stitch a quick wintery piece... This is a freebie by SamSarah. Kinda cute... I think I will finish-finish it today.

Well, that is all for now! Been a great birding weekend, so pop on over to the blog to see!