Friday, July 11, 2014

Frogs and scissors and fobs... oh my!

It's time to share another Collection. Today it is my Scissor Frogs and the assortment of scissors and my very few fobs. Most of the scissors were purchased between 2006 and 2009, and the fobs were received or made beginning in 2006. Without further ado, here is my next collection:

This was the first frog I found. The bowl is from my china cabinet... nothing special. I filled it with scissors!

And this depression glass pink frog was given to me by my friend, Patti. She is also my framer extraordinaire. I found the perfect sized bowl for it while thrifting in North Carolina! I haven't put too many in this one... just the bigger ones.

This was my first fob ever! I received it as a RAK from a Multiply blogging group that I belonged to called BAPXS I think... It's been quite a few years ago and unfortunately I do not remember the name of the person that sent it to me! I do remember she lived in England... See that it is purple? She noted that I liked purple. I was so surprised to get a present from abroad--my first one! Stitching has opened so many opportunities to make new friends, to learn about other traditions, and so much more. Of course, I put it with my purple scissors, which have been well-used and are showing wear...

Once I started to stitch on linen, I made this teeny tiny biscornu. It was not on 40 count, probably 32 at that time, but it sure was cute and fun! And it is attached to my multi-colored Dovos! Second pair of German scissors I bought many years ago! They are such pretty, and smooth scissors...Can't say enough good about Dovos!

This red and white fob was made by Bindy, a former co-owner of my LNS. I paired it with Blue scissors, for a patriotic effect.

One weekend, when we were having our stitching group, we decided to make our OWN fobs. So everyone brought some of their stash, and we made fobs! This is mine! The beads are sort of pinky-violet, and my scissors paired with it are pink polka dots...I haven't tried to make another... I really should! They make great gifties!

This particular fob is attached to a pair of Gingher scissors that my stitching buddy, Darlene, gifted me one Christmas. The Acorn Fob is a specialty of said Patti, above... she has great skills! Besides framing, she is a finisher, and she has designed some Reproduction Samplers.

This is my only pair of Stork scissors... I think they came from one of my exchanges at PALS. I have gifted two other pairs but I always seem to receive another to replace them!

I really like these black ones... They have a nice leather case, but for now they are in the frog. And the other ones were given to me by my husband! They are probably not for stitching exactly, but he was so pleased that he could give them to me... they deserve a place with the others!

In case I have not mentioned it lately, I LOVE COPPER! And these scissors --magnifique! They are Bohin scissors from France--they are bigger...probably 4 inch. But I love them. They are sharp and work fine! I got them over at Anitas Little Stitches. She has quite a large collection of scissors!

These are just colorful little scissors I sometimes find at Hancock Fabrics when I am there... I am surprised to find that I have doubles of this blue, purple and pink pair!

Again, I find all sorts of cute scissors around town... These green and white polka dot ones were popular a while back. And I received this heart set from the OTHER PALS exchange... I THINK! I went twice, thus two exchanges? Gee, I didn't realize that I may forget where these came from...

These Pink Ribbon ones were too cute to pass up! I bought them from a fellow blogger that had two pairs. Now they are readily available online...

I received a RAK which was a DMC accessory kit. Inside this pink vinyl bag were these great scissors! Besides being comfy, they cut really well. I use these upstairs when I stitch...

I have acquired a bunch of polka dotted scissors. I like them, they are too cute! The larger, non-polka dot ones are from Dinky Dyes, whose overdyed silk threads are my all-time favorites!

Last but certainly not least are my FIRST pair of Dovos!! They are magnificent! They are three and a half inch, with very fine blades. Sort of pewter in color, not silver. Love them!!

So that is my next collection! Hope that you enjoyed it, and that I have inspired some others to join in this Collection sharing! I love seeing what others have! Collections or stash... it's all great!

And onto other matters... like the Giveaway I was supposed to have completed on Monday! I had a whirlwind weekend with family, and Monday was crash-and-burn day. Didn't do ANYthing but rest! So, without further ado, I did the random thing and the winner of the Red, White and Bloom chart is Mii Stitching! Please contact me as soon as you can so I can get this mailed out to you! And congratulations!

My daughter that came to visit is a Face Painter/Henna artist. So.... I got my first henna of the year done...this time on my hand!

Henna is NOT a permanent tattoo, and washes away after a little while. It starts out with a dark paste drawn on you. You let it sit for a few hours, until it starts to peel off...

And the final product is a lighter version. I LOVE Hennas! But next time, I will do it on my ankle or upper forearm, because I wash my hands ALL THE TIME, and it is wearing off quicker than normal!

I worked on my Tulip SAL a little more before putting it away last week, and here is the result.

NOW you see a tulip!! It is going to be gorgeous... Next year!! I will be putting beads here and there, just to make it pop! I think I will wait till the end to fasten them, because it is a BIG piece, and they might get broken off as I progress... Any opinions about this?

Then I was inspired at seeing Anne's Quaker Summer piece and pulled the pattern out of my computer and voila! Finished!

I wanted it to look like a beautiful Sunset... Going to work on finishing this weekend... because...My husband's work vehicle is broken! So he is using my van, and I am stuck at home! At least I am able to do that, being unemployed, and we don't have to rent a vehicle! There is a blessing in everything!

A few MONTHS back, I agreed to do a Mug Rug exchange with my dear buddy Gaynor at Stitchers Anon. Well, SHE came through with this!

There WAS a chocolate bar inside but of course it is gone!

Here it is closed up! I hesitate to even use it, cause I don't want it to get wet or ruined! I attempted to make her a Mug Rug, but after struggling and struggling, as I was finishing the binding, I found that several edges that were SUPPOSED to be sewn WERE NOT! I was heartbroken... and put it away. I am feeling the call again--so hang in there G! It's coming!

And lastly (thanks to you for getting this far!!), I neglected to show this really neat mug I found while thrifting! I don't normally use mugs, so haven't decided whether I will gift it or not...but it is an Excellent one!

(And a bottom view, just in case anyone wanted to know who made it!)

Well, I am going to close for now... this post is pretty longggg. I will be back next week!



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy July!

Wow! The last month just FLEW by! We are possibly going to get brushed by a small hurricane this holiday weekend... what a way to start the summer season!

Want to share another cube finish... I did this Erica Michaels piece last fall when I was at Myrtle Beach for PALS with my daughter. I finally decided on a finish! I wanted to be able to display it, and if I made it into a pillow, then it would have to go in a container and so on... After making my friend's cube last month, it really helped me get excited to do it again for myself! I love the Beach, and this will fit in with my beach decor that I leave around all year!

Erica does these really cute designs as 'kits' to be done on gauze. NOT by me! But since I still love the designs, I paid the extra price and just pass it on to someone who will use it the way it is kitted!

I picked what I thought was a nice summer-y fabric, in a muted tone so as not to overpower the design!

And I did the buttons on top with pins that match the crab, to make it pop a little! All in all, I really like this one!

I then worked on a piece for the SECOND time, after changing my mind about the first fabric. Well, after frogging it again and again, I almost did a 'Shirlee' and have decided to have a GIVEAWAY instead! I will offer the chart, 'Red, White and Bloom' by Country Cottage Needleworks, to a current follower of my blog, via a Random Drawing on July 7th. You just need to comment on this post that you would like to stitch this chart to enter the Giveaway. Good luck!

So, I moved on to stitching on a couple of my SAL's and have a bit of progress to show... First is Maryse Dupont's SAL 2014. I completed the border then the alphabet across the top, and then finished part One on the left top.

Then I switched to stitching on the Tulip Garden SAL, which has ended... but I found out about it late, and knew I would not complete it with those great stitchers in Europe! So I only worked on it last night, but a little progress is better than none! Do you see a similarity in the two SAL's? I like Borders!

I got my husband interested in gardening last year, but he was not listening to my advice... so it pretty much failed. Since then, I gave him a book about organic gardening (but it has NO pictures, so he didn't like it much!) and then this spring I gave him a book about Square Foot Gardening with LOTS of colorful pictures, and short, easy paragraphs... I say this not to knock him, but to emphasize that MEN do not always read, so you have to entice them with such things as short paragraphs and chapters and lots of PICTURES! Have you noticed the large number of graphic novels out there? They appeal to more than kids! They appeal to the kid in our Men!!

Anyhow, THIS year we are having more positive results!! He planted cucumbers, green, red and orange peppers and tomatoes... So far, we have had one cuke, and more coming. The peppers are getting chewed on the leaves, but there are flower buds... Have to research that... Made him a spray bottle of dawn soap and water... Haven't seen it since... Hope he isn't overdoing it! We have LOTS of green tomatoes--soon to turn red! He did not listen to me about getting heritage plants, but... baby steps! He went out and bought seeds (again, he did not listen and he did not use the organic or heritage seeds I gave him from last year) and planted yellow squash, onions and radishes. Onions are spindly but there... Radishes grew but did not produce. He finally pulled them out. I told him he could replant again, but he did not. The yellow squash are growing great! He picked three so far! Lots to come. The tomatoes and squash beds were moved from one side of our house to the other. Apparently made all the difference. So I suspect next year, he will be doing more of the same--bringing everything over. EXCEPT my Loofahs! They are doing great in the same spot as last year. I think I have about 8 or 9 plants growing! Last year two survived. And I got two loofahs, which I shared with family! Miss Olivia was especially intrigued! This year--who knows?! They are slow-growing and once they are harvested, then they have to dry. It will be close to Christmas when they are ready...for gifts!!

So, here are some pictures...

Here is our first cuke! Hubby just ate it with lunch! Said it was good! He puts salt on it... and even on melons. Is that a southern thing? Anyone else do that?

This is the bed where the cukes and peppers are planted... There is a big tree in the neighbors' yard right next to it, and an even larger tree in the middle of their yard, which gives shade... Not good for gardening! Very limited sunlight...

And here is our first yellow squash! We have had three now... this was taken Monday! They were good, according to my husband. I fixed them the way HE likes them this time, so I didn't have any. Next time, they will be grilled!

And here is one shot of ONE squash plant! See the difference being in the sun makes! Wow!

And here is the other squash plant! I LOVE Squash! And it's a good thing!

Here is a view of the tomato plants... lots of green ones coming along.

And here are the Loofah plants... Though you can't see it in this picture, I have placed wire across each square of the trellis and then down also, so they have more to grab! And they are starting to climb... I will take a better picture this weekend!

That's it for now! Don't forget to enter my Giveaway for that CCN chart!



Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Does anyone have this chart?

I have wanted this LHN chart ever since it came out... but... it is a kit, and no doubt I would change the fabric and possibly the thread colors. So my practical side refused to buy it. So, if anyone has already stitched it, and wants to trade (I have LOADS of other LHN charts!!) or barter for it, please let me know...



Monday, June 23, 2014

National Pink Day...

So, it is National Pink Day. There is no reason for it, other than someone just decided to name this day Pink Day. OF COURSE, I have a reason or two for it... First, I love pink... and grey... So I pulled out a WIP in just those colors to work on today.

It will be a multi-sided BALL! I found it on this blog:     I hope to finish it soon, and then tackle assembling it! I have about eight more 'sides' to stitch, then finish backstitching them. Using 36 count Pearl Grey linen and Victorian Motto Raspberry Ice cotton thread.

Reason Number Two for celebrating National Pink Day for me is that, as a Breast Cancer survivor, I appreciate that Pink reminds people about Breast Cancer Awareness. Locally, a young woman just died from Stage Three Breast Cancer. She was diagnosed when she was eight months pregnant, last year. After a little bit of debate, they did decide to take the baby and start aggressive treatment. The baby boy is one year old now, but his mommy just died. There are older sisters and a daddy to care for him, but it is tragic. And lots of us certainly remember our blogging sister Cathey, and her brave fight against this deadly disease. Don't forget to do Breast Self Exams, and if there is a history of cancer in your family, and you are not the 'recommended' age, get a mammogram anyway! I don't even know what the recommended age is now. I know my daughters are getting their first ones this year, and they are 37 & 35. They save lives!

I also have another finish. Are you tired of seeing them? It IS different for me, isn't it? I am going to plow through some WIPs during this down time!! Without further ado, here is my latest completion

As can be seen, it is America by Sunflower Seed. On, interestingly enough, 36 count Pearl Grey linen, and colors I liked that were or were not necessarily called for... I wanted to do at least ONE patriotic stitch this year. I have another couple of smalls lined up... we shall see if they get done in time to display for the 4th!



Thursday, June 19, 2014

MORE finishes...

This week I finished two more projects! Amazing! Without further ado...

Here is Prairie Schooler's Birdhouse Sampler, from the Garden Samplers trio. Done on 36 court Winter Blend by R&R, and DMC threads. Not going to finish it, until I get the other one I like completed. Then I think they will be framed as a set. Or that is my thought TODAY, anyway...

And here is Live Simply by Hands to Work. Pardon the bad picture... did not iron it yet! Haven't done a monochromatic in a long time, and I just flew through this one! It was a fun stitch! On 40-count (one over two!) Light Examplar by Lakeside Linen, using HDF Woad Blue silk floss. Yummm... I am going to do a cube finish with this one... soon! I cant wait to display it!

That's all for now! Off to do some typing for hubby, then to stitch! Enjoy your day!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Collection, TWO Finishes and A Finishing project

I have accumulated a few collections since I began cross stitching. One of them is Marking pins. Some are store-bought and others were gifts, giveaway wins or from exchanges. I have only put two sets to use... don't ask me why! But after this post, I think I shall put others to use. After all, they don't belong in my drawer! They are all too pretty! Without further ado, here are some pics...

Here is the whole collection...

Store-bought pins that I have NOT put to use yet... I think the sheep are my faves... today...

Here are some pins gifted to me. I think they are just too pretty to use, but gonna change that!

And here are pins I won in a giveaway, received in an exchange, and lastly, given to me from a new friend at a retreat!

This is an actual set being utilized--but I seem to have lost one of them! There should be four!

And this pin pillow pattern came with the pins or vice versa. Got it from The Sampler Girl, but it is her Mother's design and pins... Love it!

And so ends my little collection of Marking Pins. I think I will showcase another collection --scissors and frogs--next time! Good thing my hubby does not read my blog! Ha!

I impulsively decided to stray from my SAL's and schedule of stitches to stitch a quick little sampler called Liberty by Tracy of Hands to Work. I had fun with choosing my own colors, and just did whatever struck me... It is my first over-one on 36 count. Cannot believe I actually did it, and didn't do a Shirlee! It wasn't that bad after all... (new horizons and all that...)I am thinking about how I want it finished for display--haven't chosen yet. I put my parents' initials in the bottom, and their marriage year, to honor their lives. Cause I wouldn't be here without them!

And I finished Magic Garden by Shakespeare's Peddler. I really disliked stitching this piece, after I started it... which is why it took so dang long! I guess I do not really like Whimsical. Cause it annoyed me to no end with the chosen colors... By the time I got to the bottom, I was just NOT going to stitch as suggested and substituted a bit from my PS sampler in progress... just because. It may look wonky but I think my hubby will like it, with his new found liking to gardening. So I will get it framed for him...

Used 36-count Bittersweet fabric from Lakeside, and just pulled ANY COLOR I liked for all the motifs. Glad it is done! Now back to my regularly scheduled stitching...

I recently did a cube finish for a friend's piece. I am really enjoying that type of finish...

I did the same piece only in different colors... Just have to finish it! Now that I am inspired by THIS cube...

WE loved this retro fabric!

Reminds me of the bandanas we wore way back when... Some of you faithful followers won't EVEN know what I mean by that!

I put the purple pins in the button to go with the purple wording... just because we like purple!

Well, that is all for now...

With this new life of leisure (while I look for work), I should get more done and post more, right??