Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's not like me NOT to be blogging, but...

Stuff happens. I have been struggling a LOT with a stubborn illness that is just not going away. Though I have not missed much work ( I HAVE TO go in--long story there also!!), I have been so very tired by the time I get home that I barely function. Stitching--barely. Blogging--zip. Reading blogs--golly, that number sure is up there! Sorry! Much as I miss it, it all has to wait until I am better. Now I have to prioritize! I managed to get taxes done... oh joy! So much is behind. April will be the month to start coming back. Miss you all!

Here is a picture of the white headed robin that has been appearing around my house for the 4th year! It's finally Spring!



Monday, March 3, 2014

It snowed today! And...Winners!

Well, actually it sleeted for a few hours, and then it snowed, and is still snowing. So it is treacherous outside, and not going to warm up till Wednesday. I MAY get another snow day off tomorrow... of course, then that means I have to WORK Saturday. Again. Before I get too depressed about another one day weekend, moving on...

We have the Winners! The New Follower that was the first to post the correct answers is Sarah Beth! Congratulations and thank you for tipping me over that hump! And thank you to ALL of my new Followers, for joining my blog!

Then the random generator picked Melody's name for my 'Faithful Follower' winner! Congratulations Melody--please email me with your mailing information, AND your choice of charts!

I'm off to stitch my stress away!



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dang... Dang... Dang... Sick again...

Well, it's been a while again, and I have not posted. I was not able to fight off the infection fast enough, and because I work in a crowded office, I had to go to the doctor. I have 'tonsilitis'... I have finished the antibiotics already and my throat still hurts. We shall see how it goes... am back on the herbals.

I am going to do the drawing tomorrow, at the latest. I haven't forgotten...

Just wanted to share a few pictures. It has been a busy time...

I received my Giveaway win from Brenda for HER Blogoversary, and was that ever fun! I absolutely love her Thread Organizer Pak and have it in use on my SAL from Maryse - I finally got the fabric this weekend, after I worked 5 hours again!

You can see that there were lots of little goodies in the package, besides the TOP! I have an interesting story about the book... Brenda sent along a book about Love, one of the Fruits of The Spirit. Interestingly enough, I had been pondering the Fruits in relation to 'virtues' of today's world, and had even discussed it with my lunch buddy at work that very same day I received it! We call that a God Wink! He is telling me something...and I am all ears!

Then I received a gift from Lynda, at Purple Pixie Dust, as a thanks. I must have missed this chart when it came out... Lynda made sure my two favorite colors were in it (pink and purple), and it is just so pretty!

Here is my latest snap of Find Your Happy Place, for my SIL. I decided to do the wording in a blue that closely matched the blue in the variegated thread... so far , I like it. Some of these pictures are blurry... Operator error, sorry!

My progress on the SAL I am doing with Anne, the Magic Garden by Shakespeare's Peddler. Not much, but I can't seem to get ANY stitching done some days...

This is even more pathetic... barely touched the Tulip Garden SAL. In good time...

Well, got to finish laundry and then I must work on a small piece on 40-count that I am doing for my daughter's birthday this week. It may be late in arriving... Oh, and Heather--your package will also go out this week!

Hope to be back tomorrow night!



Friday, February 21, 2014

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to...

I have been checking my blog for a week or two and I am stuck!! My followers are stuck at 299!! Can you believe that!!?? I feel sort of sad that I cannot enhance SOMEone -- just ONE more person (stitcher), to follow me (of course, others are very welcome!). I want to see the numbers 3-0-0 there!

I shall let you in on a little secret--this is my Blogoversary month. So much has been going on, I haven't had time to post about it. But I have been puzzling over what to do about it. Of course, I have riddles for you... but what shall I do for the winner?? Well, here it is... There will be TWO winners...The first winner will be the first NEW Follower to answer the riddles (notice plural--it is a SET!) correctly. Then for my Faithful Followers, The Winner will be drawn at RANDOM from among all the correct answers.

The prizes will be: For the Newbie Follower, 'A Fine Collection' by Blackbird Designs, which has TWELVE monthly patterns in it.

And for the Faithful Follower that wins, you may pick from the following: Blackbird Designs: Loose Feathers Pattern 33, 'Keepsake Box & Pinkeep'

which INCLUDES my favorite bonus chart, 'I Cannot Count My Day Complete, Till Needle, Thread and Fabric Meet'

this is my framed piece!

AND 'Birds of a Feather, counted threads from times past' a 2006 chart, the first in their Reproduction Series;

OR Brightneedle 'Bless the Cooks'

AND 'Can you Spy...?'

OR Wiehenburg Designs ' Quaker Star Janine'

AND 'Quaker Heart Susan'

Okay--so what are the Riddles, you ask? (Again, courtesy of my granddaughter..) How do you catch a unique bunny? And how do you catch a tame one?

So--that's it. Answer the riddles, entice ONE more person to follow me... you could be a winner! I will close the fun and games next Friday and draw the names on Saturday.

Ok--I am off to take a bunch of herbs and go to bed early. My throat is sore, and I am trying to prevent it from going further...which is what usually happens. I was doing so well this winter, with no sicknesses. Pray that I do not get seriously sick. Again.

Have fun!



Sunday, February 9, 2014

Birthday Goings-On and the Winner Is...

IF you were to ask me how much stitching I got done this week (not just the weekend), I would have to hang my head in shame as I admit that I have not put in ONE stitch! This has been such a busy time for me... maybe tonight and tomorrow...

Last night we saw Sandi Patty in concert. We were in the second row, and had a great view. Boy, she can SING! And she had Dorothy (of Wizard of Oz fame) BEAT as far as shoes go! Unfortunately, Blogger will not show the pictures right side up... not going to fight with it. You will just have to take my word for it! The shoes were sparkly, in red, pink, purple and silver... platform, probably 4 inch heels. Wow! Look her up on YouTube -- she is very dynamic!

Thanks to all of you for your Birthday wishes. And your riddle guesses. The correct answer was 'rainbow' and the prize will go to Heather ('geeky Heather')! Congrats! And again, thanks for playing the riddle game with me--we did not realize there might be more than one good answer when we posted the riddle! Bloggers are good sports!



Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to YOU!

I have not posted in ages... been either terribly tired from working 50+ hour work weeks and being tired at night, OR worrying with all the snow we had! which makes me sluggish... OR the past week my eldest granddaughter is here, dogsitting for my daughter, and I am spending time with her as much as possible in the evenings--lots of stuff keeping me tired and/or otherwise occupied! And I have barely stitched... But.....

It's going to be my birthday soon--the 8th, so...let's have another Giveaway to celebrate! Again, the FIRST FOLLOWER to answer the riddle correctly will win! And win what, you say? Well, I will stitch and finish something special for that person, plus whatever suits my fancy to put in the giveaway, such as patterns/charts, or notions, get the idea. So, without further ado... here comes the next riddle: What kind of bow can't be tied? Do try to figure it out, and not look it up. Stretch your brains, enjoy it... This riddle is courtesy of my eldest granddaughter visiting us...

Tomorrow I will probably get some stitching time in, because my eldest daughter is coming to spend the weekend with me, and then bring home HER eldest!

I am so excited--my youngest daughter bought me two tickets to see Sandi Patty on my birthday! She is coming to a very close, local church, and I am going! The second ticket is for my eldest daughter to join me! Both my daughters used to sing her songs at church, and it is going to be such a treat to hear the real deal! My girls could sing so beautifully... I wish I had record of it!

Here are some pictures of last week's snow (the week before was 'only' about 3-4 inches. THIS was 10+ inches! BOTH times the neighborhoods were NOT cleared and the streets were ice as it melted then froze again!

What greeted me when I woke up Wednesday! Piled against the door, and you can't even see where the walkway ends, the grass begins, and where the brick flower boxes are!

There is my van, covered in snow and surrounded by snow!

Again, the front yard to the right... pristine WAS very pretty!

And you really couldn't see where the street began and the curbs ended... not so good!

Some of you in the northern states probably think this is nothing, but for THIS area... it was a BIG thing!

Thanks for visiting!



Sunday, January 26, 2014

SALs and Stitching Progress report...

I surrender to the whining! I love snow, but not ice! And snow fell here but turned to ice overnight, so it was not a Winter Wonderland as I expected. Getting to work was quite a challenge--I had to have my hubby drive because no one is safe if I drive! I admit it! Today it is in the mid-40's and tomorrow they predict low 50's so that should get rid of the remnants of ice here and there. And I will be happy!

I managed to get a few stitches in on a few new starts for 2014. I find that I have joined THREE SAL's. Ha! Found a new one on FB--the Tulip SAL. It is a Hungarian designer's piece and it is gorgeous! I have chosen to do it in shades of purple--are you surprised? It was a tough decision because it looks good in pink also! So, now I am in three! C'est le vie! I have not started the one by Maryse cause I haven't got a good piece of fabric yet! Still pondering it... But I REALLY want to stitch on it SOON!

Here is my meager progress on three starts so far:

Find Your Happy Place for my SIL, using Vikki Clayton's HDF called Peacock, which apparently is no longer offered so I could not get a good shot of it. It is a variety of green, blue/teal-y, and yellow. Despite my poor picture, it is IS quite cheerful!

And this is Shakespeare's Peddler, Magic Garden. I am doing this with my friend Anne on Fridays. This is on a really nice little piece of 36-count Lakeside Linen called Bittersweet... has a pink tinge to it. Doing it one over two. Perfect!

And this is my start on the Tulip Garden SAL It is quite a beautiful pattern, and you can take out parts to make smaller pieces and smalls, period. Not much progress last night, but at least it is started on a mysterious piece of 34-count linen, that has a tighter weave than the LL Bittersweet, but has a pinkish tinge also! Am also doing this one over two. I tried it both ways... one is so much better! It really just depends on the look I want and the fabric.

Gotta do laundry, fix dinner, etc... Maybe I will be able to stitch in a couple of hours...