Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Hello everyone! If anyone is still following me, thank you for being patient during my down time. I started stitching again in April, just a little at first... Now it is pretty much back to normal with stitching every day or at least at night. So, I have some finishes to share and then progress on a few of my WIPs. Let's get started! (In no particular order...)

I am really RESISTING new starts... but it is a struggle! How can you resist Maynia!!! I have worked on several of my WIPs and finished them, so I am happy about that! First is Sampler au Bouquet I by Jardin Prive. There are three separate parts to this, and I finished the first finally. I don't know if/when I will start the next one...

Next is Winter Messenger... by Erica Michaels. This is from her Petites Collection, you know... with the zillion-count gauze? I KNEW I would stitch it on linen... Turned out ever so cute! I think that it is stitched on Rue Green, though you wouldn't know it from my poor picture. Lighting is bad... cloudy day here.

Then there is C'est l ete by Tra La La Collection... Oh how I love this one! I don't know what I will do to finish it--if it will get framed or made into something... But it sure is pretty!  It reminds me that I picked strawberries twice this month! 👏

Next is a Britty Kitty ornament, from one of my older JCS Christmas magazines. I don't feel like getting up to find out the name, sorry! IF someone MUST know, let me know in comments, and I will do it then! Made this for my husband, so he can be represented on my purple tree! He likes cats... I made it with various purple threads. And a silvery-purple Kreinik or something like that... I actually made this in December, but... not in time enough for Christmas. I knew that...

Then I did Happy Spring by Heartstring Samplery. It was a quick and fun stitch, and I added that bumblebee button to make it more festive!

A couple of weeks back, I decided to stitch the Garden Duet pillows from Hands On Designs. But.. I was not in the mood to stitch 'Prosperity'... I didn't think it went well with 'Harmony', so I re-charted it to say 'Peace'... which I like! Now I have done two sets of these pillows (though they still need to actually be MADE into pillows!!).

I like quick stitches! but... I started some big ones, and I'm gonna finish most, if not all! And the last finish just recently done is Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street Samplers. Oh how I dragged my feet on that one! I stitched it one over two on 36-count linen, which was okay. But I really didn't like the row of pumpkins floating in the air... that really bugged me! However, I LOVE the stone house! And all in all, it came out fine... I will frame it...

Now... to some WIPs I have worked on lately... First is The Littles by Hands to Work. Finally finished my second one, and made a start on the third... If I concentrate on it for a couple of days, I can knock it out too... but... it's one over two on 40-count, and I struggle... But... I am going to say it will be finished in June, and hold myself to that or else!!!

The next WIP I've got going is the Orcas one for my daughter. I am thinking I can finish it for Christmas IF I keep at it... But... it is a tough one for me, with all the thread changes. I could NEVER do a BAP like a Mirabilia or HAED... not for me! Though I really LOVE them--finished!

I have put some time into John Foster during my respite... But now... I find that I have made a mistake somewhere and need to frog out a bunch... so... away it goes for a while, till I resign myself to that tedium... Here is my progress...

And I made a start on a Christmas Cardinal one... and never put it on the blog, so here is that...

I am liking this one... of course!! It's a BIRD!! I will have it done by Christmas time!

So, that's all I have to show at the moment!

BIG NEWS: I have discovered Flosstube! So, now I have company while I stitch, whenever I want! Not to slight a 'live' buddy, but the videos keep me inspired ALL THE TIME! We got a new BIG TV which is a 'smart tv' and it can do Apps, like YouTube...(and Flosstube).. Loving that! Which reminds me... if you still have an emongous tube TV like we did (it was a Sony, 36", about 20 years old, weighed 233 pounds, but it worked FINE!!) and you decide to downsize... good luck! I tried giving it away... no one wanted it! And none of the thrift stores would take it! But, I called the city trash recyclers, and they said they would take it away for us! I had two neighbor husbands (young ones!) come over on trash day, and they struggled! My husband had to help, which is what I wanted to avoid... sigh... but... what a relief when they got it to the curb and it was removed the next day! Hopefully they can find use for some of the parts!! So... all this to say, Flosstube--try it!

Okay--I am off to stitch! If you've gotten this far, thank you So Much for sticking with my blog! I shall continue posting every once in a while, when I have something to share...



Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Hello friends. I have no stitching mojo right now...My personal life is in total chaos (not HEALTH issues), and I do not anticipate being able to relax until maybe mid-April. I haven't been able to read blogs lately either...But, I hope to get all caught up eventually. Thanks for understanding.



Monday, January 2, 2017

Last of the stitching and End of 2016 Tally and ...

I have two finishes to share, a WIP, then the year-end tally and a NEW project! So let's get busy!

First, I wanted to stitch a small ornament, but didn't want a lot to do, so found this one... It is a freebie by my dear friend Gaynor French (stitchersanon), and it went quickly! Just what I needed! Obviously finishing will be this year, even tho it was finished LAST year! Sigh...

This is by Plum Pudding Needleart, and I will say the name of it is Peace on Earth, but for the life of me, I cannot locate the pattern to verify that! Done on a piece of fabric gifted to me by Gaynor, interestingly enough!! Given to my stitching buddy Sheryl for Christmas...She and I both love purple... Don't those sparkles make it pop?? I used a variegated thread, but... again, cannot locate that either...

This is a WIP that I was stitching with a friend as a SAL. She finished hers a while ago... but I think I will finish stitching mine this week, and then I will finish it and stuff it... It is pretty cute. Called Pomegranate Pin Cushion, by Hands on Designs, that I won in a giveaway by Vickie!

So, I did a count of my finishes for 2016, and surprised myself again... I came up with about 46 finishes! Last year it was 44... so that surprised me even more! No BAPS, a few medium sized pieces, and a lot of smalls. Yay!

I know with a New Year, we are supposed to be making our resolutions for what WIPs we will finish, what new starts we will begin, what SALs we will join. I am just not there yet! So, NO PROMISES!! Of course, I would like to finish off my WIPs I showed you... but... I saw a design and just HAD to get it!!

Maybe you will understand now... It's a Cardinal BIRD!! I love birds, and Cardinals at this time of the year are so beautiful! Just look at the picture I got of one today!!

However... I cannot decide which fabric to use...

This is the called-for fabric, called Sand by PTP.

But this is Earthen also by PTP... and I think it has more 'warm' tones in it, like the picture. But... is it too 'warm'? That is what I have to decide... And since I am nearly done with the Pomegranate piece, I must make my decision soon!

That's it for now!

(A little Cross Stitching humor snatched from Facebook!)

Happy New Year Hugs,


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Stitching Report

First of all, I have a NEW camera! It is a lot more complicated than my old one, so I have been going out and taking pictures, just to get used to it! And they don't necessarily all come out... But stills--I got these! It is the birds that are not always clear!

All in all, I got a fair amount of stitching done this month! The one large-ish piece I completed cannot be shown, as it is a gift and the receipient possibly reads my blog! So after Christmas you shall see that one! Now on to the finishes!

First of all, I DID complete the Little House Needleworks Little Sheep Virtue set! So, here are November and December... they are on top of some of the backing fabric I will be using. I started cutting out the squares, stopped for some reason or another, and haven't looked back...But I shall work to finish-finish them soon!

Here is the November one...I really like the colors in this one!

And here is December! I had purchased two of the button sets earlier this year, but... now they are finished, I am not going to use them because I am not interested in getting the rest. So, they will have to stand on their own... I think they will be fine!

This is my second Long-Legged Seasonal Bird I have stitched, Heart in Hand. But--I gifted the first one to Justine, so I will have to stitch Winter again, for me! I am using 36-count, and think I shall go get more so they are all on the same fabric and count! They will be finished as cubes.

This is a design by Hands on Design, Cathy Haberman. It was a quick stitch...Not sure how I shall finish it!

And this little guy is by the Trilogy, called Happy Gobble Gobble Day. I have a few of these Happy Day ones--they are really cute!

Well, that is all I have to show of stitching finishes! I have started another piece, on a piece of that grey and white polka dotted fabric. Not sure I like it. The polka dots seem to be painted onto the fabric, and it is somewhat difficult to get the needle through them. But I may reserve a final decision until I finish, as it may just turn out great after all! Of course, it is a Christmas piece! IF I end up liking it, I no doubt will do a Winter piece on it too!

This is NOT my yard or anything to do with me, personally, but just wanted to share a bit of the fall colors!


Friday, October 28, 2016

October 2016...

Hello! I wanted to get this post in before the month was over!! October was an extreme month for me... I was up in the mountains of Virginia for the first three weekends, helping my oldest daughter, Jessee, at the annual Apple Harvest Festival. It was very hard work, and I can't express how very proud I am of her, despite setback after setback after setback! She is quite a trooper!
I still managed a few finishes this month, and have two others I did in September that I forgot to share...Though they are all 'smalls' at least I stitched! First is my WIP I worked on last night...

Cinnamon Stars from Plum Street Samplings. I stitched the one wall of the house, and started on the roof. I will probably work on it again today... unless I change my mind, as I am apt to do these days! I am having to use my iphone to take pictures, as my camera is not working. Not sure why...seems to be the batteries, but still investigating!

Here are the September AND October Little House Needleworks Sheep Virtues... I finished Friendship in September, just neglected to show it in my post! I am thinking about stitching the last two in the series right now, so that I can finish them all before end of the year. It could happen!

This is called 'Full Moon Rising' and is by Bent Creek. I saw these patterns many, many years ago... and FINALLY located them and bought the magazine!

This is called 'Here Comes the Sun' and is the complimentary piece to the above one. I will hopefully get identical frames for them to be displayed side by side... (at least that is my vision right now!)

These were completed in September. They are the first of three sets of pillows from Hands on Design that I will stitch. I have LOTS of little pillows to finish, don't I?? As you can see from the photo, I changed up a lot from the original design!

And early last month... my stitching buddy Lisa RAK-ed me with these three charts, ALL of which I intend to stitch! I pulled out a Weeks Dyes variegated blue to do the Dessins Designs 'Birds Roundelay'... and have the finish in mind already!! Thanks again Lisa! :)

So, I THINK that is all to show for the month...

If you are inclined, please keep Jessee and her family in prayer. They have been going through so MANY things this year, and now they are about to go visit her husband's father for no doubt the last time, as he has terminal cancer and nothing is working anymore. It is a very distressing thing for them, so I would appreciate your prayers in this difficult time.



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pumpkins for Cathey 2016

I will not forget...

(grabbed from the internet... not MY photo...)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Be sure to get your check up!



Monday, September 5, 2016

Mish Mash... ( a couple Finishes, new little WIP, and some framing)

Just a quick post, to share my latest Little House Sheep Virtue finish for August, which is Wisdom:

And another finish, called Shelter a Friend by Glory Bee:

And then I started a new freebie, by Heartstring Samplery, called Earth Laughs...

AND... I did a bit more lacing and framing for my friend, of the 'inherited' pieces:

And the Snow Couple one, with a frame that I painted to match... Love this one!

And finally, my husband put together a frame for the Prairie Schooler Birdhouse Sampler that I finished, and I laced it and framed it... Gave it to Aunt Audrey in Maryland, when we went back in July...

...cutting frame pieces from scraps...

Ta-Da! (we tidied up those inside edges after I took the picture) I loved this... and was kinda disappointed when it was not as well received as I thought it might be... She has done cross stitch in the past, plus quilting... thought she'd like it...Those are the chances you take, gifting to other than family and fellow stitchers!

Well, that's it for now...

Thanks for visiting!